Meditation Part 2 - Our New Home


There are only a few. Let’s live minimally, at least compared to how I lived before. Only what I love is in the house, as the house cannot hold much. And with less, our lives will be more peaceful.

I realized not letting go meant living in a scarcity mindset. Not letting go means I might regret it, may not be able to afford it later, that I've wasted money and that I won’t be able to ever have it again.

Living in abundance means if I let something go and I regret it, I will have the funds to buy it or something like it again.

Living in abundance means letting go and giving life to the object by allowing someone else to have it. It means I don't need to make money on it, rather, I give it away. I don’t expect anything in return because I know I can afford to buy something like it again if I ever need it. 

This is what has been holding me back for years. I finally figured it out this past year, just this past winter. 

If I need it or can used it, I will keep it. If I don’t need it, if I do not use it, I will let it go. I struggle with this still, but I have often needed to remind myself that I can buy it again if I want it. 

Moving into this other apartment is not exciting because it is so big. More closets mean more places to store junk. I do not want junk. I want only what I need and only what I love. Less stuff means even if an item is a luxury or I want to keep it around just because, I can afford to because there is a bit of room for stuff like that.

In my new home in WFB, we have only 4 hall closets: 

  1. Front door for coats, gloves, (maybe games?)
  2. Pantry by the kitchen — pantry food, kitchen aide, mixer, etc
  3. Hall closet with shelves, deep
  4. Hall closet with shelves - linen closet
We each would have a bedroom closet.

The kitchen pantry

Then the kitchen: 

Upper cabinet on the left would be plates
Upper cabinet on the right would be cups and glasses. 

Counter, above the dishwasher is my coffee maker! The rest of the counter is bare. 

Drawers: utensils, cooking utensils, and I'm really not sure what else because I would use the pantry for a lot of things

Next to the stove are my everyday pans. Olive oil, utensils, cooking utensils.  My cooking pans would probably go next to the fridge along with what is in my utility closet now: lunch bags, water bottles, etc.