What makes an adult become a bully? And what makes a person a target for an adult bully?

Tornado grows up pushing her weight around. She gets her way this way, and when she doesn't she throws big tantrums.

Adult ass tantrums tend to catch ordinary people by surprise. To diffuse the uncomfortable and confusing event, people around Tornado will give in. Tornado, who threw a tantrum, feels empowered and gives credit to the fit she displayed.

Andrea decided not to give in, and the adult bully, Tornado, grew angry and vengeful.

When vengeance kicks in, Tornado aka "the tantrum thrower" went after Andrea who dared to stand up to the tantrum thrower.

This is what creates the bully in many cases.

But Tornado can be a bully to people who don't stand up to themselves too. The tantrum-throwing bully feeds off the adrenaline her outbursts cause her. This adrenaline can get addicting.

Tornado (aka the bully) looks for ways to have others react to supply her with these emotions.

This was adapted from a question on Reddit by Lori Andrade, Estate Servicing

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David Ohansen, Addiction & Mental Health Researcher4y

Why does a grown adult have to be a bully?

I believe a bully mentality comes at an early age and is often a sign of insecurity and poor social skills. The bully becomes engaged in situations they are not equipped for mentally or socially, and so they try manipulation and threat tactics.

The pursuit of having control is played out as gaining a one-up position in all threatening circumstances. I have seen and dealt with countless forms of adult bullying techniques that go beyond simple threats and saber rattling. In the workplace, it might unfold as someone refusing to share vital information. The hoarding of knowledge another person requires to do their job. Though it’s not physical, the end objective is the same. The bully thrives on defeat! Especially if they can demoralize you in the process.

So what it boils down to is a battle of mentality. The bully versus the victim mindset. When a victim transitions into an empowered position, the bully soon realizes they have lost. Empowerment is exactly how anti-bullying campaigns work inside schools.