Life is Good

 OK joke’s on me. I love the new place! I’ll post photos soon. We officially ended our move on Friday a week ago. I took a bit of time to get a few things set up for us, but mostly I was swamped with work. I had two clients clamoring for their work and I was already behind because of the move. It was not fun and I had a new CD (Creative Director) I was working with at this agency that I’ve worked with a lot. He was not pleased and I don’t blame him! I carved out almost 30+ hours in 3 days to complete the work and .... he was ... IMPRESSED! Wooohooo! It was fun getting his feedback. :) The other client checked in with me daily and I just had to send small bits and pieces until I had time. Friday I killed it and focused on Client #2. I woke at 5am on Sat and worked a few more hours and had a few things to show that actually looked great! Phew!

Saturday at 10:30 I had an almost 2-hour massage. It was awesome. I didn't realize how bad my wrists, hands and lower shins and feet hurt. OMG. I’m going back next Saturday for another 2hour massage. I used the money I received from selling a few things online. I think I made about $600. 

$400 stove and fridge

$75 dryer

$150 washer/dryer

$30 wooden kitchen cart (a really good one!)

$50 dining room rug

$50 office chair

Now I have a bunch more things to sell. I just have to get our home set up tho, and then I can focus on that. I want to get rid of more things too. I just can't take having so much stuff!

Saturday after the massage, I organized the two pantries. I unpacked a couple boxes and moved a few things into better spots. Then today I cleaned the kitchen floor, swapped out the kitchen rug, and unpacked about 6-8 boxes in the dining room. That room was a huge dumping ground. Even the table became a dumping ground during the last days of the move. It was almost disgusting. I wish I had taken a photo of it! Today it looks lovely. I have a few more boxes to unpack, but I need to take a break. :) 

I'll post photos soon. Overall, the place here is nice and I’m happy. And happy to have been wrong about it!