We Are Boxed Up

It’s so strange to be packing up our things. Today is Saturday and we packed a lot of things up. Oliver tackled his room and I made the whole house a mess. I don't like living like this, but I'm battling  a depression that really wants to takeover. The only reason it hasn't is because really have no time to waste.

I'm still not happy about the new place but trying to come to terms. As I walk through our current home I keep telling myself, this is not my home. This belongs to someone else. It’s not mine. 

It used to feel like my home and I made it a home. I made it as nice as it is, but I will be taking all my things with me, including the light fixtures.

It was fun to see Oliver carry boxes to the new place. In that regard, I’m glad it’s right down the street. This makes things so easy. We will move more tomorrow. I'll try to clean up so Monday is not bad.

I have too much stuff!

As I packed, I took inventory. Yikes.