I made a mistake and signed a lease

 But I'm not freaking out. However, my body knows the truth and my body is freaking out. 

When I moved here in 2014, after divorce, a horrific breakup and a second bankruptcy, it truly was the worst time of my life. When I walked into this apartment, I knew IMMEDIATELY this was the apartment for us. 

I do not feel that way with the new place, and I guess I need to think about how important it is to trust my gut. 

I do not plan to unpack much at the new place. Oliver is excited. I am not. 

As I signed the lease last night, this loud piano music was playing. I told the landlord, what is this music? It is loud!

The man below is a retired pianist. He is wanted by many churches in town. He stops playing before bed.

What did I get myself into? What situation did I place Oliver and myself?

There were no really good solutions here in Shorewood -- a dive, an expensive and over-priced place with horror movie stairs to basement (but gorgeous apartment) and this large place just down the street with no ac, an unworthy bathroom and no garage.

I hope I made the right choice, but my body is not sending signals of joy. My body is not affirming my choice.