Today I Brought Food for My Dad

I made chicken noodle soup from scratch this week. I do this when I have chick bones; I slow cook the bones for 8 hours and extract the collagen. The broth becomes a bone broth and has more protein.

I bought noodles for him just so I could do this. I bought extra chicken and I keep it in the freezer so I can make this for him.

I stopped to pick up a few bananas for him. While at Aldi, I picked up a box of crackers. They are only .75 (super cheap!!) and he can eat a whole box in a week. My aunt said deli roast beef was on sale, so I picked up a loaf of bread. I stopped at the Pig to get the beef and two home-cooked deli meals were on sale for $1.50 so I grabbed those. He’s never complained about those so I assumed this was a good deal. I nabbed a couple Snickers bars for him too.

I also had his laundry.

So I arrived with homemade soup, a few items from the store, and his clean laundry.

"Jesus Christ! Why do you bring me all this stuff? I already HAVE CRACKERS! Christ."

I get him to sign a piece of paper so he can work on getting those co-pays removed. He screamed at me for that too.

I bought a card that was quite fitting for him to sign for his sweetheart who's in the nursing home. I was headed there afterward and found a great card. He underlined the part that says I love you and signed it with his first and last name. ;)

No thank you... just grumbling and mumbling and talking extra loud. His dementia is bad and yet this is still the early days of it. The worst is yet to come.


Off to the nursing home after dropping off paper towels, bleach, and cookies for my aunt.

For Dotti, I decided to print a ton of pictures. 50 total of her and my family together. I wrote her a note, gave her a butterfly balloon, pretty flower cupcake, some books to read, white lights to decorate her room with, and a framed photo. I also had a dozen cupcakes and a note for her care staff.

I miss her. She's 98 and we can't call because she cannot talk on the phone (she can't hear us) and she rarely picks up the phone.


People are doing such nice things for me. I have received a box of food courtesy of the community I live in. Twice now I have been given this amazing food! In the last two Fridays, they have given away 100 pizzas to those affected by COVID-19. I was a recipient for two weeks in a row.


I get to pick up Oliver tonight as tomorrow is Mother's Day. :)

I got a COVID-19 test last week Tuesday. Still waiting for the results. I have been in and out of two stores and I am gloved and have a mask on. I will write more about that next time.