My Chicken Soup was So Good that There's No Way I Could Have Made It

Here's a recipe for you:

Cook your chicken bones with a bit of meat on them in a slow cooker overnight. Add water, salt, and nothing else.

The next day, sautee white onions (as many as you like). Add carrots & celery and continue to cook with olive oil until the carrots are tender. Add a bit of salt while cooking, but not too much. Set aside when done.

Strain the chicken broth in the crockpot into a glass mixing bowl (or any bowl; I tend to avoid plastic). Pick through the chick bones and take out any meat. Add the meat to the broth, being careful to examine the meat for small bones. Discard the bones.

Add the broth and chicken mixture to a large 3- or 4-quart pot. Add the vegetables and stir. Add the following seasonings:

Salt to taste
1/2 t Oregano
1/2 t Tarragon
1/2 t Margerum
1/2 t Basil
1/4 t white pepper (or black)
Add any seasoning you like :)

Cook noodles separately. If you need more chicken meat, I like to dice the chicken meat into very small bites and add them to the soup. Boil the soup for 30 seconds or less. The chicken meat will cook.

Add cooked noodles of your choice. I added German noodles this time around. The next batch I made used egg noodles.

The soup is very delicious. Simple. Easy to make.

And one-more-time my dad cannot easily pay me a compliment. One-more-time, he has to put me down.

“Who made that soup? Did you make that soup?”

Yes, I did (waiting for the blow, waiting to hear how shitty it was.)

“You made it? Or did someone else? Did you buy it?”

No dad, I made it. Why? (again, bracing myself, wincing for the blow...)

“That soups looked like it was professionally made. I don't believe you made it.”

I made it Dad. You liked it?

“I don't think you made it. I think you bought it somewhere.”

(Now I'm a liar, not to mention he thinks I'm a shitty cook that I can't make a decent chicken noodle soup.)

I made it. From scratch.

“It looks like it was professionally made.”

Compliment? Yes. Put down? Yes. Double put down? Yup.


Why do I love him? I don' know. I remember lots of really nice times, many of them happened in the last 10 years and that's been it.

He also cried when I told him I was getting a divorce. I'll never forget that day. He also wrote to me some very kind cards in his lifetime.

Maybe it’s how much he loves my son. Maybe it’s how kind he’s been to me many times over the years.

Maybe it’s cognitive dissonance where your brain can't understand two opposing thoughts so it always focuses on the thought that causes you the least amount of pain (this is a fact btw).

Anyway, the soup is good and I'll add a photo soon.


Mother's Day was hard this year. I felt heartbroken all day and I'm really not sure why. Maybe it was the cottage. Maybe it was because Oliver slept in and I had hoped he'd get up early and hang out with me? I did tell him the three things I wanted to do yesterday and he just never got his booty up off the couch to help. Instead, I went and did the things I wanted and then would ask him for a bit of help. It left me feeling really sad. Why?