Why I am No Longer Embarrassed by My Car

There are two parts to me. Either I am incredibly organized and clean, or I am so messy and there are clutter and papers everywhere. I really don't understand how I can be both.

My cottage up in Door County is super neat and clean. I know how small it is, so I do not buy anything for the cottage. There is no more room for anything! I only buy something if I really need it and if there is a place for it. Until then, nothing gets purchased. Shops have cute vases, wall prints, beautiful chairs... so many things that would look cute inside. But alas, I have no room so I do not buy them. I even found two really cool chairs in a dumpster recently. I brought them home to my apartment, and they would be perfect in my cottage — if only the cottage was bigger!

I'm proud of my cottage. I rent it out. I am happy to have guest over. I am never embarrassed by it one bit.

Now my home on the other hand...

Same with my 2013 Tiguan. It was a mess. How did I let it get like that? I am trying to think back in time to when I bought it. It was shiny and new (used). Clean. Spotless. Nice. I loved it! When it was time for a trade-in just 5 years later, I was so embarrassed that I could not wait to get rid of it. Dirty. Messy. Stains. Smells. Creaks and cracks. The side view mirror held on with Gorilla Tape. Pretty much trashed. The dealership told me later they shipped it out because there was no way they could sell it.

My new car... finally. A breath of fresh air. I ordered light grey seats. This way I thought I could keep them clean. I am very diligent about keeping the car clean. I hand wash it often. The interior is spotless. I keep cleaning cloths in the car. I clean it out after each trip or daily if I am home. I'm proud of it. I vacuumed it more times than I can count.

I'm going to a concert tomorrow and I invited a friend to come along. I have free tickets since I have volunteered in the past at other concerts. Lucky me! Hillsong United.

My friend would like me to drive. I realized after I said sure thing how in the past that would send me into a panic. I would have to put down towels so people could sit on something clean. That is how dirty the car was.

It's such a great feeling to not be embarrassed anymore!

Now, I just have to get my home in that state!!! I am sharing this online so that I can be held accountable! Hopefully, someday my house will be as nice as my cottage and my new car! :P