Monday Mornings - Fresh Start

It's such a beautiful day today. Fall (without the sickening feeling) has kicked in and it makes the weekends and the mornings such a gorgeous thing. Football season is in full swing as well and that means afternoons cheering on the Packers and maybe even indulging in a Bloody Mary or a beer! The weather was gorgeous this weekend, and I cleaned out a portion of my garage. Oliver even helped. That always feels great. Sometimes it feels as if my belongings are dragging me down and I fantasize about getting rid of most of them. How freeing that would be. Our cottage in Door County has very few things, just the necessities. While it might be hard to live that slimmed down for an extended period of time (it's great for long weekends away or even a week's time away), it still is my goal to live without so many things in my house.

Oliver tried out for the Junior Greyhounds on Saturday and my heart raced as I watched the tryouts. He's not at the level as some of these kids nor does he play as hard. I applaud his effort and his courageousness. I am in awe of his courage to play amongst the kids who have harassed him in school for not being as good as they are, especially the kids who had already made this team in year's past. I reminisced about my junior high days. I tried out for sports all the time. I sucked at sports (and still do) but that never EVER stopped me. I was last chosen for the teams and I settled into my role as the suckiest player. Often times I was the second-to-last to which I clung to a thread of self-esteem: At least I'm not as bad as Lisa (the poor gal who always was chosen last).  Superiority at the bottom of the barrel does in fact exist.

Back to slimming down the home... I am considering next weekend to put all my extra stuff into boxes and shove them into the attic and see what it might be like to live without. Exciting.


  1. We are trimming and slimming down at our house too. Stuff is taking us away from each other. Too much quarreling and tidying and not enough time for dance parties and long walks before the weather turns cold.

    1. Yes! All my time is spent cleaning or... feeling like I "Should be" cleaning and feeling shame for how awful it is. Dance parties? How fun! LOL We love to take those long evening strolls before the weather turns.


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