Hey Monday, It’s You Again

This morning was really nice. So was last night and most of the day yesterday. Why? Well, let me explain.

Saturday I cleaned out my living room and removed piles of stuff that I haven't looked at (read: magazines and "Important" mail) in a long time. I found one magazine that was still in its plastic wrapper from... wait for it... 2014. Oh. My. Word.

Felt good not just to clean up our space, but to clean out our space. Games we haven't played ever, magazines from an entire year, all of it piled up in the Good Will corner for a day along with beautiful clothes that my son has outgrown. And wouldn't you know, I was invited over for a visit with my good friend Amie who just happens to be a single mom of THREE and one of those three is a little boy only 2 years younger than Oliver. Perfect. Armed with games and clothing and a few cigar boxes (my sister works at a cigar store in Tampa and I have a HUGE collection of very cool cigar boxes that are piling up...) I headed to my friend's home with "stuff".

Arra, Isa, and Amie. That's Truman jumping up in the background. :) 

I tackled the kitchen next on Sunday. But as I emptied out areas, I messed them back up again as I pulled out dozens of mismatched plastic containers. And more. And more. And then I ran out of time. Dinner had to be made as my son was back from his dad's. I had made soup at least and he loves my dumpling soup made with homemade bone broth. (So easy to make!)

We had an amazing dinner (see photo above) in our newly pared-down living room and watched an episode or two of Survivor. Later I made Armenian breadsticks called Dzialoogs and the house smelled amazing. In our living room, we had candles burning. I miss the smell of a good scented candle (gave those up years ago and unfortunately cannot tolerate the scent of most candles) so I added Doterra Harvest oil to the melted tea-wax candles and oh em gee the room smelled amazing. Bread in the kitchen. Fall harvest in the living room. Rainy, wet and cold outside. It was a perfect Fall Sunday night.

Which then lead to a nice Monday morning. Even though the kitchen is still in shambles, I am feeling optimistic about the home.

If we get to stay here. That's another story and I'm filled with anxiety about that. I'm not depressed today and definitely not feeling sorry for myself either. This is not the norm for Mondays, the day I often check in here. There's not much in the way of savings and that is super scary. When I get the chance again, the first order, after paying the people/institutions I owe money to, is to save save save. Save like crazy. I can't put myself in this position again. Ever. I'm so mad at myself — but right now I don't have time to dwell in that anger and resentment. I have to move forward and deal with my foolishness another time.

Today I am working a few hours, I have an interview for a side-gig after lunch and then I'll be building a website portfolio. Praying I can make it through this tightrope. I'm praying I do not fall.

Please pray for me too if you will. :)