A Good Deed in a Weary World

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” 

~ William Shakespeare

Happy Veteran's Day to all who served and are serving our country! We honor you!

My father came to Oliver's school and partook in an assembly honoring the Veterans. 

The entire school came and honored 20 veterans who were relatives of the students. The vets are off to the left of this photo, and all the students are sitting on the floor.

The students performed vocally and musically. They also told stories.

The kids were pretty captivated by the stories. 

There's my father in grey.

My dad served in the Korean War from 1950-52 
and was a Gunner on the 155 Howitzer in the 194th Field Artillery. 

My dear sweet son can be seen in the corner of this video waving a flag, oblivious to the fact that his grandfather is being talked about right now. My dad had to wave Oliver forward and then grab him back for a hug! :)

And they closed by performing the bugle call, Taps.

I have no idea how forever changed people are by the events of war. It makes my problems seem quite small in comparison.


  1. Thank you for sharing this, Andrea. How poignant! I'm glad the schools keep the memory of those who served alive. Have been reading all your recent posts even if I don'talways comment. They're all so good and I see you getting closer to the light at the end of that proverbial tunnel. Your honesty about everything is refreshing and it's nice to see you putting yourself first (ahead of any man that is other than your little guy, Oliver). Think you're going to discover that you like yourself just the way you are. Keep your chin up. It's nice to get your feedback that your internet friends' comments help in addition to the real life ones. It's good to know that, somehow, we make a difference.

    xo Elle

    1. Elle,

      This blog has been my saving grace, and when I feel no one else can understand, I write here for some extra support. Readers have always chimed in just when I need it. I wish more peeps would comment, but at the same time I think this blog is a saga of my life and sometimes sort of boring! :) I also felt bad writing about a second breakup when I had been pretty honest about sharing my marriage ending back in the day. It took 4 years to get divorced and I tried never to bash my ex online... altho I came pretty close at times! I also never publicly talked about the details of the divorce. I kept the topic to how hard it was. So I felt ashamed to admit another failed relationship as if I hadn't learned my lesson.

      When I asked for help from readers to knock Bill off his pedistal everyone commented 10fold! Wow! I had to remove that post for a while (it's back up) because then Bill was taking me to court over some (stupid) things and I didn't want my blog to be brought into the court picture. Thank God it wasn't. I don't think he reads this blog at all, but who knows. I don't know the guy it seems.

      Today I am ACHING for him. I hate admitting that, and it's hard to admit that on RP. I miss him SO MUCH. I wrote him a letter today. I wrote him one this weekend too. I wont send them. I am so tempted to contact him it's not even funny. Just a text! But I wont mainly for fear that he changed his number and I'm not ready to face that yet. Each time he rejects me it hurts. I've run into him 3 times now since we broke up. This town is just small enough to run into him, we have the same interests. I fear running into him because he rejects me and it sends me reeling into depths of hurt and despair. I don't quite know why this is happening... my strong reactions, but I have a feeling why. I'm starting to understand narcissism and it's effects on those who love an N. There was abuse going on, but it was so subtle that I never read it as abuse. Why I can't hate him I am not sure. He was my total world and the loss of him is devastating. Reuniting with him would take the pain away, albeit temporarily. I want to relieve myself of this pain. That is why I became suicidal back in August. Thank God I'm not there now.

      Long winded reply to your comment. Yes, keep commenting. I am moving forward, stepping back sometimes, but mostly moving forward.

  2. Another reason you are so blessed. Your father is here to take part in this special tribute to him by his youngest grandson! I'm so glad you shared this! I love my Uncle Al!!

    1. Sue! I know that's you. :) :) :) You are right... I am so very blessed.


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