Thank you to everyone who prayed for me today. I received a miracle! Here are some crazy good things that have come my way lately. So unbelievable, in more ways than I can even share.

First the big three:
  1. I found a place for me and Oliver to live that is really nice, in a great location (close to the shops we live by now) and he will have 2-3 friends on the street from his class at school.
  2. I was awarded 90 days by the judge to move out of my home against the "strenuous objection" of the bank who wanted me out in 5 days.
  3. I was at a court hearing today, scared shitless, and was able to stand up for myself. By telling the truth in something I had done, the commissioner said it lead him to believe that everything else I was saying credible.

Mini miracles?

  1. The woman at church who came up to me and told me that God heard my prayers to Him and that He was indeed there for me and is helping and healing me.
  2. That same woman prayed for me at church along with her husband and the pastor. That night I slept thru the night and the major anxiety I had been feeling was gone. It hasn't come back! 
  3. A reading from a Sunday night meeting was about trusting God when going to court. Seriously? I could not believe it.
  4. The woman who I rented the new apartment from owns a real estate company in town. I told her of the BK when we were looking at the apartment and she gave me a sideways look. Later, when I sent the application, I disclosed everything to her. Here's what she said: I am a person that has always gone with my gut. Your open honesty I find refreshing and I’m sure it is difficult to have to disclose a BK and foreclosure to a perfect stranger that you are trying to rent from. What I see is that you and you son need a new home and I would be happy to have that home be mine on Murray. Would you like me to prepare the lease?
  5. That my current tenants who live above me gave me notice to move out BEFORE I realized I was losing my home. So they are not uprooted! What a miracle!
  6. That my current tenants and I will be living across the alley from each other!
  7. That my current tenant KNOWS my landlady and told me that she is a wonderful person.
  8. When I told my landlady this, she said, "Remember when I told you that someone gave me a second chance once?" Well it turns out she too went thru a divorce and foreclosure. Guess what? Her property was exactly across the street from where I live now! Same street!
There are tons more mini miracles. I just don't want to bore you or go on and on. But it's amazing how everything is fitting together like a puzzle piece.

I found this old post from a while back. It still holds true for me today. Remain in My Love. I know not all of you are Christians or maybe don't have the same beliefs I do. But I do have to say, whatever It is that you do believe in, trust that there is some Power out there greater than you... and maybe, just maybe that Power is something or someone you can tap into. Because I just cannot explain today. There have been a dozen times I've gone to court. I've never been as nervous as I was today. I walked in there with no hope, was told there would be no hope for me. And yet, I stood up for myself and the case was dismissed. It was purely a state of grace I was in.

Thanks again.

I promise, more fun posts ahead, more pictures... It's also a miracle that every day I feel just a tad bit better, and I can see things more clearly. Like the guy I was dating. I saw him today and did not like what I saw. I'm glad I'm moving out of that period and starting something new in my life.

Thanks friends, thanks readers, thanks family and thank you God.


  1. Glad to see you feeling better and moving forward. I wouldn't say these are miracles, it is grabbing life by the horns and dealing with it. Actions and honesty on your behalf made it possible.

    1. Absolutely! Actions, honesty... I told the truth in every instance and look where it got me? I'm shocked. I am also completely humbled by this experience.

  2. I may be a tad emotional today, but this made me tear up. Love to hear some optimism in your voice and I am so happy for what's ahead for you.

    1. Hi Kelly... thanks so much. If you only knew some of the emails and support I've received. I'm been thinking of sharing them (anonymously) here with you. I can't believe I am so blessed with friends. My life is good... but it's not without a ton of pain sometimes... and I know we all have that. For some reason, I fall into another place, where sometimes others can let things bounce right off the. If you only knew how hard court was yesterday... and how hard it was to see Bill... and to hear his anger, his blown out version of things. It made me really sad. Everyone said it's not about me. I hope that's true. I know when he calms down, whether that is soon or in a few years (or possibly never), he will see the truth and how he brought some of this upon himself. I just can't believe I won in court yesterday. Wow.

  3. Believing in that greater power is the only way I have hope for the world. I believe all those things you listed are miracles. In a certain sense, I also believe what "Anonymous" here said. I believe that God and we work together to make the miracles happen, and it is God who gives us eyes to see miracles. There are miracles in the ordinary things of life.

    1. I agree. It's like that guy on the island who sends away the rescue boat because "God is going to save me!"... It's not easy to stand up for myself. I did not learn that at home. I had to learn it the hard way. If I don't, no one else will. I could have skipped court yesterday because it was too scary and too hard. But with the butterflies in my stomach, the pins and needles in my arms, I faced my fears. And it made me feel sympathy for people who are REALLY in court with way harder battles than I had yesterday! Custody. Murder. Facing jail time. Losing their kids. Loss of a life. So many reasons to be grateful actually.

  4. Glad to hear it went so well for you in court and with your new place. See, everything is beginning to fall in place! Like some of the others I do believe in miracles or God having a hand in things. I might have said this before - slowly, but surely you are getting through this, in your own way and in your own time. One day you'll look back on this and it won't hurt so much. You should be proud of yourself. I'm excited for you & Oliver as you create a new "home". Keep posting as I'll continue to follow.

    xo Elle

  5. Hurray for you!! I think that things are not just "falling into place." I think God is orchestrating this for you. He is reaching out to you, to show you His love. I am so happy that you have a new place and that court went so well. It is wonderful when the sun finally breaks out from behind the clouds.

  6. Yep, God searched craigslist and phoned the landlady, God packed all the boxes, he might even drive the U haul truck to the new home. God also made the Judge rule in Andrea's favor and is sending her clients so she has work.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with hard work, dedication, getting up every morning in spite of feeling tired, searching the Internet for housing, having a Judge who is fair and has common sense, none of that...

    1. It would be GREAT if He sent me clients! :)

      I hear what you're saying. I know that it took a lot of my own effort to get all this moving in the direction it's going in. I know you're responding to other people's comments (I think). I do think that when we take the actions, we reap benefits, whether those are divinely inspired or not, I can't say.

      I was just telling someone recently that God is not the Wizard of Oz standing behind a curtain making life good or bad. I do hope that there is SOMEONE or SOME thing that is greater than me that has a power I can tap into. Some days I have to believe that... it helps get me thru the tough times. Maybe it's not true; it is a comfort and resource that is helpful at this time.

      Thanks for checking in and for commenting.

  7. Yes, Andrea, my comment was in response to some of the comments above from other people.

    Not sure why I am reacting so strongly to it but to keep saying that God did all that or lead you there, well, it almost downplays that YOU are the one who did it. You know what I mean?

    I am just glad you are doing what is necessary and you are doing a great job by the way! Just trust your survival instinct, it will not lead you astray.

  8. Thank goodness for freedom of speech and freedom to pursue what you believe in. I like how you phrased it, Andrea, "divinely inspired", not the Wizard behind the curtain but a faith in something greater than one's self. If it helps, how can it hurt? And yes, you along with your friends & famiy did the tough slugging. Somehow I don't think sarcasm helps in this situation but again "freedom of speech". Gotta love it.

    1. Andrea seems to get the sarcasm, perhaps you don't. To believe in something greater than one's self can help to deal with tough situations that life throws at us. Nothing wrong with that. Just don't shove it down peoples throat that God will be fixing their life, be real.

    2. Ok I found this and I think it applies to me. Maybe you will like it, and maybe... perhaps... everyone is saying the same thing in some way... (maybe).

      I love Emmet Foxx. He is from the 40's... and he is who lead me back to Christianity, altho I don't think he calls himself a Christian. Not sure. But this is his writing:

      Prayer and Wise Action

      In solving a problem by prayer it is usually necessary to take certain practical steps as well. Wise action must be added to prayer. Pray about your difficulty, but also claim Divine Guidance, and then take any steps that common sense dictates. We cannot remind ourselves too often that what we call common sense is itself an expression of Divine Wisdom. It is foolish to pray for help while neglecting some obvious and handy stepping stone.

      We all know that action is buy the outer expression of a thought, and that a wise action is the expression of a wise or true thought., and so to take wise steps is but the proof that one is thinking rightly, and is, indeed, a part of the prayer itself.

      We must learn to see God in our words and our deeds, as well as in our thoughts.

      Emmet Foxx

  9. Woo hoo for good news and little miracles


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