Boxed Up and Almost Ready

There's a large part of my life. All boxed up.

It's not my life; it's stuff.

I saw my new apartment again yesterday, and this time it didn't look as wonderful as I had remembered. I have no problem admitting I'm scared. I remind myself, It's only temporary.

Please God, let it only be temporary. Let it be a safe place, a comfortable place, a place I can feel proud of. Because right now? I don't.

We move on the 20th of this month. Movers come on the 22nd. On the 23rd, moms from my son's school are having a wine, appetizer and UNpacking party. Not sure how much will get done, but it will be nice to have fun and laughter in my new home.

I judge myself harshly. I don't think my home will be anywhere as magnificent as theirs. These wonderful moms are married and live in nice homes. They wont judge. I judge myself.

I hope there comes a time in my life when things are more peaceful and I can be more loving and accepting of myself. I'm workin' on it.


Still miss old what'shisface... even tho I can see now what a jerk he is. And I am not thinking of the past anymore. Just sad that it ended so badly. Sad that he's so angry. And trying hard not to internalize his anger... even tho it's what I normally do. Almost as if I need to apologize to him. Funny how I don't see things as clearly as most of the people who care about me do.


  1. Oh the comparison thing is SO brutal. Shush it as much as you can!


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