10 Friends, 10 Hours

I found a place for us to live. It's a house that I've had my eye on for a while now, knowing that just in case things didn't work out for us with my home, I would love to live in this particular house. It's a house just across the street from Oliver's best friend Carter. We've enjoyed a few evenings at Carter's home with his parents and were told of the old lady who liked to drink and smoke. She fell asleep one night doing just that and the whole house was set afire.

Now that I was on the hunt for a new place in our town to live, I asked Carter's mom if that place had a for rent sign on it, if it was done being rehabbed yet. No such luck.

I found two decent places to live however. A duplex in our neighborhood, a block or two further away from Kensington Square (we live 2 blocks from an area that has been rehabilitated with coffee shops, frozen yogurht delights, chocolate truffles, wine bar, restaurants, beautiful modern apartments, running shops, sushi, an English pub and more. I love living so close to that and being able to walk at the spur of the moment for a treat.

The duplex was about 4 blocks from there but had an old yucky kitchen, and y'all know I love to cook. It was drab, small and was definitely over-priced. The second place was gorgeous. It too had a few flaws, but overall just stunning. However it was on the edge of town and people have gotten mugged in that area.


I met with my friend Maggie one night and told her my dilemma. “I just don't know. There's not much open right now, and I'd really like to move before the end of this month.”

“You never know,” she said. “God has already picked out your apartment.”

I had my doubts.

But the next day, the burned down place was listed on Craig's list. It had only been up for ONE hour! ONE HOUR! I emailed the owner, scheduled a showing and told her we loved it and wanted it. I told her up front about the BK, about losing properties, about how we lost everything a few years back. Divorce. Etc. She gave me a sideways look and I tried to make light of the situation, talking about starting over now. I also told her I had a applied for an apartment last fall for one of the high-end apartment buildings and was approved without a problem. I filled out her application and sent it over that evening. Then I wrote an email and explained about my foreclosure in addition to the BK. I gave her a Profit and Loss statement to prove my income hoping that would verify that I make enough money to afford her home.

Her response? She told me that she goes with her gut and she could see that Oliver and I needed a home and that she would love for that home to be hers.

I was thrilled. I rejoiced. The apartment is nice... almost identical to my home. Her kitchen is beautiful. It will be only a slight step down from how we are living now, but I'll take that in a heartbeat. Everything is new and clean, rehabbed, and just gorgeous. We'll be on the second floor and on top of that, we have a whole attic that Oliver can play in. I am thrilled. I cannot believe it. We lost a basement but gained an attic.

Today 10 friends came by to help me clean out my basement. I'm 10 boxes shy of being a hoarder. Seriously. :) But they got her done. They came in shifts. Some for 2 hours, some for 4, some for more. I've been working since 10 am this morning and it's now 8 pm. Everything is cleared away, mopped and there's just a small amount of work left to do down there. I'm shocked we (they) got it all done. They took charge. I stayed out of their way.

Now I have to go reign in my son. Get in the shower. Relax.

There's more to do tomorrow, but I think it's time to relax and take it easy for a bit.

I cried today, this morning. I miss him, but I keep trying to tell myself he's not the guy I knew. I just miss the guy I knew. That will take a little bit of time. He doesn't want me. I thought, Man, he'd be so happy for me right now. Instead, he pretty much despises me these days. I am trying to move on and let go of the past. Today was a good day overall, letting go of years of junk. Starting fresh. Starting new.


  1. Is that how people advertise apartments these days - on Craig's List? Good grief. I wouldn't have had the first idea how to proceed. That's very exciting about getting the apartment. There is a lot of work involved in moving and I'm thanking God that you have 10 friends who gave 10 hours.

    Our sermon today at church was about starting fresh. I hope that this fresh start goes well for you.

    1. Yup, zillow and craigslist... The book of Amos is what we are starting this fall to study in church, and there was some talk about starting fresh, growing and learning this coming season. I hope I can find my way out of this. Some days it really seems impossible. I'm taking the steps, but underneath it all is a tremendous sadness that has not gone away yet.

  2. Oh wow that is totally awesome about the apartment. And your friends are awesome for helping you with that basement good lord. I need friends like that!


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