I'm Still Here!

Well, well, well. Working has certainly put a big wrench in my life. As has my dog. And summer. And working out. And the list just keeps growing!

We are doing well. I have the photos to prove it, but months of snapping those intimate moments of our lives are still on my camera or on my laptop.

It's been a little easier to keep up with instagram. You can always follow me there: andreazehnder ... A few shots here and there are so much easier to upload on instagram.

We are doing well. Life has been fun. Work has kept me busy. I'm working out. I'm in Weight Watchers again on the slim down path. :) I'm hoping to meet my goal by end of July.

I prooooomise I'll write more. :P

No drama. That's always good. But not so good for my writing career.

x o x o


  1. Been wondering how you were... thanks for the update

  2. Thank you for the update. It's always good to be out just living life!

  3. Instagram? Oh, no. Something new to learn!


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