Beet Red Blast

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When there is a sale on beets, I go crazy! I still absolutely LOVE my juicer and keep it on my counter to make it even easier to use.

I'm crazy for beets. Just crazy. I absolutely love 'em and am secretly glad that Oliver will have no part of anything "beet".

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Just the other day Oliver came prancing into the kitchen after I had finished up juicing a beet, cucumber, pear and ginger. "Mah-um!" he sang. "Will you...." and then his voice drifted off. Quietly he backed out of the kitchen. I hardly noticed.

I was focused on my photo shoot.


When I turned around, the child was gone. Disappeared. Vanished into thin air!

beet cucumber juice


beet juice


beet juice

I found him hunkered down, masked in a blanket, shivering under the dining room table. “Were you afraid I was going to ask you to drink some juice?” (The rule in our home is we have to always try a taste.) He nods coyly, still hidden from sight.

Selfishly, I made an exception to our rule. After all, more for me! :)

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Ginger Beet Juice Recipe: (for one... approx 8 oz)


1 beet (skin on)
1/2 cucumber
1 pear
About 1-2 teaspoons fresh ginger, to taste (I break off a small arm from the root)

Drink and be merry!


  • Working in this order, process cucumber, pear, beet and ginger through a juicer according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Fill glass with ice, if desired, and pour the juice into the glasses. Serve immediately.


  1. I love beets, but I have never tried beet juice. I might side with Oliver on this one....But I really like your rule about trying things once!


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