I have this little son Oliver...

_Oliver-smiling 5 years

He is small and very funny.

_oliver-tomatoesSometimes I give Oliver his dinner.


This is a hard job. Oliver is a very fussy eater. And Oliver loves tomatoes. :)


Except Oliver must have a refined, aged balsamic vinegar drizzled ever so lightly onto his tomatoes. Let me be clear, he prefers a vinegar to a vinaigrette. Each bite must have a tad bit of red onion, a tear of basil leaf and a small nugget of mild blue cheese.

And then it really must be organic.

Oliver has discerning tastes.

Can't say I blame him.

_Oliver-smiling 5 years-2

And he's still the sweetest, kindest, most loving little boy I know. Thank you God for the best gift ever.

He will be 6 next month. How did he get from a little baby...

Oliver and mommy :)

... to this?


Adapted from from I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato.


  1. That sounds like fussy eater in a GOOD way!

    One time we went to a restaurant and my youngest daughter, probably around 8 years old at the time, ordered a salad. The waitress asked her what salad dressing she would like, and she said, "I'll have Northern Italian with Basil and Romano" which is a bottled dressing we have here at home. She was a bit put out that the restaurant didn't have that dressing.

    1. That is REALLY funny! How cool! LOL LOL I'm cracking up...

  2. Awesome pics. You never cease to grab the essence of the moment with your photos!

    Cherish these moments...you will relish them forever!

    1. David, Thank you! And thank you for all your comments. You are so supportive! :)


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