We're Off to See the Wizard

Keep me in your prayers this morning. Heading to court in just a bit...

It's quiet in this house. My furnace, that Viking of a machine, has been going steady for the full month of December. This has been the coldest winter yet. And there will be more to come. My eyeballs almost fell out this morning as I walked my son to school.

Oliver was restless. For as much as I feel for him, and I do, he is quite accustomed to bouncing from home to home. He has two lives that he somehow manages to mingle into a cohesive whole. I think he and I do that when we head up to the cottage. If I view it that way, I don't feel so bad for him. As much as I think it would be nice for him to have a stable, steady place to rest his head, his life is as stable as it can be in this situation. His father and I are quite amicable to the best of our abilities, and neither of us talks trash about the other. We speak with respect to each other and about each other, never putting Oliver in the middle. If anyone goofs up in this department it's me. I've let a few things slip, the pain of my situation overpowering my better judgement. Those times have been very few, thank goodness. I'm not perfect, but I don't think I have ruined my son either. He's got a beautiful life here with me, and a nice fun life with his father. He told me last night that his daddy reads to him every night (which I already knew) and gives him an airplane ride once each night before bed (this I did not know). What a great memory for him to have. I'm glad his dad reads to him each night and does not pass that job off to the girlfriend.

OK, I'm on my second cup of joe. I checked my business emails, did a few things for work, spoke with my father (who has been so happy lately, thank goodness) and am about to head to court. I have not given you any details of what is going on today (and I wont) but please keep me and Matt in your prayers. Hopefully everything will go well.

Stay warm.


  1. Prayers sent. I hope all went well. Share what you like, but we respect your privacy too. x o x o x o

  2. I hope that wizard at court was a wizard and not a humbug.


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