Cold Days, Warm Hearts, Peaceful Mornings

{Well, today was the exception...}

Days have been filled with gratitude and happiness lately. Enough of the rants from the last few posts. I’ve moved on, and I hope you have too.

It’s freezing out again, but my home is a bit warmer. With that last cold spell our home couldn’t hold the heat at all. Now I’m a bit more insulated: plastic on windows, holes patched, trim around the doors sealed — no longer wrapped in electric blankets and Ugg boots or encumbered by my puffy full-length down coat. I was a bubble of warmth but about as agile as the Michelin Man flipping flapjacks. Our house was so cold frickin’ freezing with small leaks everywhere — the equivalent to the Abominable Snowman having a sneezing fit through our front door. Even with all this new cold-proofing, there are still cool breezes in here, but at least we are at 70.

Days and mornings have never been so peaceful as of late. I suspect it has something to do with some legal issues tucked away and neatly resolved. Shit hanging over my head no longer keeps me on high-alert. I feel strong, complete, and full of resolve. I have one more challenge ahead: an arm wrestle with the bank to keep my home. It looks hopeful, but one can never tell. We are in talks, and they are reviewing my finances. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The last three months my business has been profitable, but this January there has been little movement. Two proposals that I wrote were modified, then modified again and only a small portion of the work was approved. That means I’m scrambling to make money again. It’s not that we don’t have it because I have money saved to pay for a year of expenses (or more) but more so, the bank needs to see steady income. Care to send me $1000 checks? :)

(OMG, I’m kidding. Please do NOT send me money!)

Ah... but I underestimated the calm I would feel with some of this legal stuff behind me. I am aware, finally, that I am stronger than I have ever been and capable of handling some of the toughest battles that can come someone’s way. Now hear me Universe, please, no more of this! Allow me to have this stretch of calm.

And now, back to my regularly scheduled program: uninterrupted work, old movies, sunshine in the living room. I only have until 3:00, after which, my son returns.

Have a great day. Thanks for checking in.


  1. I am so over the cold and constant snow- it has set up "drafts" that seem to freeze my mood. I'm happy you're floating above all that now.

    1. No kidding! Jean, are you a mid-western gal?


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