Today I’m Grateful

There is a lot of history that's pretty controversial surrounding Thanksgiving. There's a lot of irony in it too... Thursday we are thankful for all we have, and Friday we are out buying more stuff we don't need.

It's been a while since I've shared my gratitude publicly. Today I'm going to share about those big/tiny miracles that have taken place in my life because, truly, these are miracles. There isn't a single item on my list I believed would come true, and yet, there it is. I don't take them for granted. I appreciate each and every single one of them.

Here goes in no particular order.

Today I'm grateful for these miracles in my life:
  • for my beautiful son
  • that we get to stay in this home
  • that I learned of a way to keep this home. I did what had to be done, as humbling, difficult and expensive as it was.
  • that my father, Dotti, her grand-daughter, her great-grandson, and two other guests (and my son) will be at our Thanksgiving table on Thursday
  • that Roger was in our lives, touched our hearts, and helped me believe that I was worthy of being loved for no other reason than because I am me. I did nothing to earn that love.
  • that God answered a prayer, building my faith back
  • that I'm excited to see what God has in store for us next
  • that Matt had a change of heart. We are amicable again. Thank goodness.
  • that I can see how generous and patient Matt has been (this is a miracle for me to see this, for sure!) ... and that I am grateful for what he's done. 
  • that I have money in the bank
  • that I have a family that loves us; that I love
  • for my beautiful friends who fill my empty heart with love; friends near and far, friends I chat with often and friends I chat with every now and then...
  • for hope filling my head and heart again
  • that I've let go of Matt ... and I wish him well.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Just read this, Andrea, and I am so proud of you & Matt and so happy for Oliver who will reap many benefits from this. I wrote the comment about one day being able to forgive Matt & maybe get along & now part of that is happening. There will always be ups & downs as you tred the waters of separation & divorce but you are doing so well. I'm happy for all of you. Have a blessed Thanksgiving - you really deserve it. L

    1. Oh thank you L... I appreciate your comment. I appreciate you checking in. It's truly a miracle that we are getting along again. I didn't think it was possible, for the last time he was so angry like this, it took him 2 years to let it go. We do this for our son, and I have to do my part too. As much as I can point the finger at him for doing things that were hurting, for making bad choices, I can also point the finger at him for going above and beyond what any x-husband would do. I can thank him (and I have) for all he's done, much of which my son has benefitted from, and I have too. I've been hurt yes. He's done some really hurtful things. It's cost me greatly. What choice do I have? Live in anger and resentment? I am trying to let those feeling go when they come to mind. Life is short. I have to focus on what I can do and try to live happy and worry-free, and set that example for Oliver too. Thanks!

  2. I am grateful for my family.
    I am grateful for a warm home.
    I am grateful for our dog, Sadie.
    I am grateful for the sun shining today!
    I am grateful our family is together for Christmas this year.

  3. I'm grateful for my job
    My family
    My daughter
    My home
    Our health
    My mom & dad
    My working car
    Heated seats
    Our church
    My daughter's school



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