Friendly Purple Monsters


I know Halloween has long past. Thanksgiving is around the corner. We could easily skip the turkey and mashed potatoes and head straight into Christmas, but then we wouldn't have an excuse to eat pumpkin pie! Today we have a light dusting of snow! It's brrrr cold brrrr out there, a mere 18 degrees. My home is not much warmer. I turned down the heat and it's just 60 degrees inside. I need a new thermostat, but I've delayed buying one because I have been in limbo as to when I need to move out, if I even do.

More about that later.

Check these guys out:



You may remember my son's oldest friend, AJ. It was AJ's birthday a couple weeks back and his mom asked me for cookies. There was no way to make cookies in such short a time, therefor I suggested these friendly boys.


I'm thinking they were a hit.

(Alex, can I insert AJ's picture here?)


This time I found the proper food markers that work on chocolate. So these guys have mouths.


Regardless of their funny mouths, we found ways to make them unique. Every imperfection gave these mad treats some personality.


Of course this guy (above) is one of my favorites. Oliver drew his mouth. LOVE him!


Oliver also drew the smiling mouth too. One of my guys is flirting with her.


Monster Crush.


Another sweet smile of Oliver’s.


Oliver did a great job of putting the sticks in the marsh mellows, dipping them into the chocolate, and then deciding what color jimmies were needed for their hair styles.


Some guys seemed quite content with their new doo's.


This guy is one of my favorites.


This one (above) is a bit blurry. Sorry. Oliver did a great job making him look scary.


The green haired dude is one of my favorites as well. Too cute to eat.


But this smiling dude is my very favorite because his smile reflects the one I see on my son's face almost every single day. If Oliver doesn't make it to my room in the morning, then I head over to his. I gently touch his shoulders. Once he stretches and grows another 1/2 inch, he eeks open his eyes and shoots me one of these kinds of smiles.


I'm glad I have a sweet son. He's really the best.

So... recipe you ask?

Here's what you'll need:

  • marsh mellows
  • lollipop sticks
  • candy melts
  • writing pens ... edible ones from Wilton. Make SURE they say they work on candy melts!
  • little bit of oil to thin down the candy melts if needed
  • jimmies or other candy to decorate the little guys with (go to for wonderful ideas! She makes cake pops, but her ideas apply here too!)
  • candy eyes can be made yourself or purchased from Wilton
  • styrofoam to hold up the pops with!


To start, Oliver pierced each puff with a stick.

Then we put the disks in a microwave safe cup.

Then, heat up the chocolate in a little cup as directions state. Stir melts until they are soft.

Now you can dip marsh mellow into the melted disks. If the candy is too thick, add vegetable oil NOT water! Follow package directions closely. It will help. Don't over heat. YUCK! 

Once dipped, let the coating dry a bit or you will get candy in your candy. :)

Then dip top of marsh mellow into a tray or plate of jimmies.

Add eyes or whatever candy decorations you'd like. These are eyes I made a long time ago with extra cookie icing.

Then once the chocolate is completely dry, draw a smile or other details onto the little guy.

Voila! You have your little treats. I placed them on styrofoam to keep them upright and to prevent them from bumping into each other. 





  1. These are so dang cute! What are you doing for Christmas? What kinds of treats will you make? Are you making cookies again? This time can you give us the recipe and how-to's?

    1. Thanks! I don't if I'll make these for Christmas, but certainly, I will be decorating cookies all December! Keep posted. I'll show pix!

  2. Andrea, these are cute. They seem simple enough. Thanks for sharing the tips/recipe.

    1. Thanks! Yes, simple and actually pretty quick too.

  3. I'm so happy to see these little monsters again, with the explanation of how to make them. Thanks!

    1. If you make them, you'll have to share on your blog! Let me know if you do! :) x o

  4. These are so cool! They seem simple enough. Thanks!

  5. Since we'll be stuck inside from the snow for a few days, this would be a great project to do with my son. He'll love it! Great idea.


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