Door County

The cottage is closed for the season. Only a few tourists were around. Door County was quiet, toned-down, peaceful, cold (but warm and cozy inside!).

It was still breath-takingly beautiful however.


Maybe one just has to feel at home there in order to appreciate the overcast and cool days. Maybe you don't see the beauty in this photo but I do. These are my neighbors, just a mile down the road. Five horses usually graze in this pasture.

It seems like this is old news already even tho I went up to close the cottage only 1 week ago. It snowed in Wisconsin yesterday, and we had white layer of frosting everywhere.

I'm not ready for this winter, not yet. I cannot believe Christmas is only weeks away! WEEKS!

I'm excited for Thanksgiving this year. I have my Dad coming over, his sweetheart Dotti and two "strays". I love having guests. My sister will be in town. I just baked my first pumpkin pie yesterday with awesome results! I will be in my home for a few more months and then (hard to imagine) in even colder weather, I'll pack up and move this ship. I'm not sure where we will be going, but I have a bit of trust in God that we will be OK. Slowly, my faith is coming back and I'm letting Him take over.

One day at a time. One moment at a time.