Paddleboarding Summer

Bought the paddleboard

And the truck

Found the waters

And off I went

Added some friends

And had a great time

Hey friends,

I've been too busy enjoying summer and working on my business to keep you updated on my life. Our life. Paddleboarding has been so much fun. I put my Peanut on the front of the board and off we go, into deep deep waters.

"Ahoy!" Oliver shouts as we pass by large vessels in calm waters.

I'm also borderline HOARDER as I have been slowly cleaning out the basement and getting rid of 20 years of stuff. That includes 16 years of marriage with a man who left much behind. But the clutter and stacks of old memories and things are not so much his as mine. Still, there's much to be done. And while summer is here, I best get 'er cleaned up.

Speaking of summer, what month are we in again? We had a gorgeous cool June with a brief torturous heatwave, and now a cold front has moved in. It's the middle of July and I busted out my space heater! Seriously!

Two other very big things for me (go ahead mock my dull life): I cut my hair (ok, still long but short) and I'm in WW again. Weight Watchers. I'm in my 3rd week. I lost 2.8 the first week. Gained .2 the second (not back considering I ate out nearly every night) and we'll see what the showdown results are this Thursday. If I don't get rid of this mid-belly which does things I've never saw my body do, I'm dipping into the bank to get a surgeon to tuck it all back up again. (Kidding. Kind of.) I even bought three pairs of work out shoes, a selection of work out tops, and a bike to get my butt in gear. It's working.

Thanks for checking in. I'll resume regular writing once I have a schedule that allows me some structure!


  1. Paddleboarding looks like so much fun :). I tried surfing a few weeks ago, and it scared me stiff.

    1. Hi Pepper! I visited your blog. Very cool! I will be a regular. Thanks for stopping by.

      Paddleboarding has absolutely no learning curve. It's super easy and a ton of fun. It's addictive. I can't wait to get a second one so that I can go out with friends.

      Hope you get a chance to try it. Much easier than surfing. ;)

  2. Wow. I love the pictures, and I applaud you for taking up paddleboarding. I am pretty sure I would fall right off. I also applaud you for doing WW again. I learn something new every time I rejoin. The truck looks really cool - I am not usually a fan of trucks but this one looks just, well, smart. (and smarter with the paddle board on top).

    Have fun!


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