So Much Work To Do!

I'm back from a short visit to the cottage. I was up there alone, and it was great. This was the second time this year I've gone up alone (no Oliver!). I thought I would miss him terribly, instead I was sailing free. I loved the quiet, the peace, the solitude.

The first time was really cool. And both times I had a lot of work to do. I painted the kitchen a modern "red" (SW 6599 Begonia) .... (below is not a photo of my cottage)

...and I painted all the ceilings Dover White as well. I love love love shiny ceilings (most decorating books recommend flat for ceiling) and so they have a nice reflective warm glow. Love it.

It was nice to sit back and admire the work I did. :) Alone. All by my lonesome.

I even purchased a new fridge and hauled it up there myself in my new truck. :D I solicited help from my friendly neighbors to get it into the house. I love small towns!

I sanded a large patch on the ceiling and finished painting one of the green benches. It's starting to look fresh and clean again! But there is still a lot more to do!

I'll post pix another time. I had to clean up and head out this morning. I get to see my Peanut tomorrow and I just can't wait. He started camp this week and his father texted me that Oliver was covered head to toe in sand and didn't have a single dry piece of clothing on him when he picked him up. Good! He's having fun! I can't wait to hug and kiss that little rascal!


  1. That's a lovely and daring color. I planted begonias this year (but I didn't know they were begonias when I planted them).


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