Today I'm Grateful

  1. It's Sunday
  2. My son is with me
  3. My house is warm
  4. a to do list today that is helping me feel less overwhelmed
  5. the sun is out sporadically — right now as i type this
  6. helping my son build a new train track configuration
  7. taking care of my son well, feeding him right, giving him lots and lots of love, lots of fun playtime together
  8. i have a second mac which is a workhorse. i'm grateful b/c my iMac is sick :((
  9. not worried much about my back even tho it still hurts a tad bit
  10. money in the bank; we're not living on the streets :)
  11. coffee on my table, jazz music playing (oliver asked for that station) and the sun shining brightly into the kitchen as i write this
  12. getting some laundry done and not beating myself up for letting it pile up (it never happens but i've been so busy!)
  13. a nicer looking back hall thanks to painting it! something i've always wanted to do
  14. a nice, sweet book study at my home saturday night; it included a lot of laughter and that was great!
  15. helping my friend learn to make rice pilaf and seeing how happy she was and what it meant to her and her family
  16. watching my son excel at riding his two wheeler bike. he learned in one day.
  17. getting along amicably with matt, and the nice things he does for me/us
  18. the faith i have in the god of my understanding for which i experience peace more often than fret

OK, gotta ask it. Tell me in the comment section at least ONE thing you are grateful for today!


  1. I'm grateful for warmer weather and the time to bake cookies today.

    Thanks andrea!


  2. I am grateful for yoga, for praying and for a husband who accepts apologies and me just as I am.

  3. I am grateful for my children, for their good health, and for my parents who are still around.

  4. I am grateful for my job which keeps a roof over my children's heads and food in their bellies and a loving God who provides all. Listing your blessings is a wonderful idea!

  5. Grateful for good friends ... like you! And for the love of our church family.

    1. Awe... and I'm so very grateful for YOU! And your family. :)

  6. Hot tea and indoor plumbing. Those are related.

  7. I am pregnant with my first baby and am starting to feel it move. The craziest, most wonderful thing ever! :)

    1. Kelly! Congratulations! That is wonderful! I'm so very very happy for you. This is one of the best parts of being pregnant! We used to love to tap on Oliver while he was in my "tummy" and he would often times respond. That was really cool. :)

      How sweet!

  8. God, my loving husband who accepts me as I am, finding Yoga to help my body and mind, being physically fit - and enjoying it!


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