Get That Monkey Off My Back!

It’s Saturday morning, and I’ve been awake since 6 am. I tried to stay under the covers for as long as I could, but 4 rooms away laser beam sound effects, sword fights, and battalions of marching robotic warriors commanded by phrases like, "Initiate attack sequence,” at highest volume infected my slumber. The child turned the volume up to ballistic watching superhero cartoons and then claimed he didn’t know how to turn it down. (The remote was in the remote control basket. There are about 6 remotes in there, and smarty pants couldn’t figure out which one to use? Right, right. He’s only 5. He’s been playing with my iPhone since he was ONE people!) Making my morning even more lovely, the cat whined and whined and whined incessantly, and since polyester is not a very warm fabric, I was freezing in bed. (Note to self: wear cotton to bed or nothing!)

There was no sleeping in today.

I’ve had a kink in my neck for months and have gone through two pillows trying to fix it. I am currently in the last dozen of tablets in a large bottle of ibuprofen learning to live with it. (Who does that? Who cleans out a large bottle of over-the-counter meds?!) If you have any ideas to rid a kink, kindly share.

Needless to say, I started my day quite crabby. But I’m done venting.

I want to share my new adventure(s) with you.

Do you ever feel like you always have something to do? I walk around with a chimpanzee on my back. I began to dream... What would my life feel like if I had nothing to do. For real. Nothing. If that chipmunk stopped gnawing at bits and pieces of what's left of my functioning brain. What would a guilt-free life look like?

I sat in front of my MacBook Pro and faced a clean page with enthusiasm. I created a big giant list. What is taking up all that precious brain space? I'm sick of having to keep track of everything in there and forgetting why I walk into rooms. Because inside that tiny space, there is an overwhelming whirlwind of ideas all of which start with a common word: SOMEDAY. Someday, I want to clean out the storage room. Someday I want to organize my garage. Someday, I want to get a new dining room table lamp. Someday, I want to get cushions for the chairs. Someday, I want to install under-the-counter lights. It goes on and on.

Well girl, that someday is now.

I pounded away at the keyboard effortlessly. Three pages later, I took my list from the printer directly to the inside of my linen closet, a space I visit nearly every day. It’s taped up like a prized piece of artwork.

I love lists.

I love to cross things off my lists.

I save my lists.

I'm a happy list maker.

I am an accomplished list maker.

I'm a list-maker pro.

I love lists.

After I taped my list up, I stood back and admired it. And then, like a kid in a toy store, I picked ONE thing off my list.

Reading Nook.


And I went to work.

After my friend Pamela and her two lovely daughters came by for a visit last month and peeked into my closet which revealed my hoarding disease (self-diagnosted) I knew this was going to be first on my list. This was a lovely excuse spend most of my day falling into a Pinterest black hole.

I came out with a zillion ideas. On pure adrenaline I emptied out the space. I don't have photos of what it looked like before I started, but I separated into piles the contents of the closet which I photographed and will share later.

Next I bolted to the fabric store (ha ha, witty pun). I was completely determined to create a reading nook because I crossed Brewer’s baseball traffic (gridlock) to get to the shop on the other side of town. Traffic was so bad that I had to get out of my car and knock on someone's window just so I could change lanes (not my smartest moment). People are covetous of their lane space when there is so little of it! But I triumphed! Never have I been so happy to announce that I am the proud owner high-density foam.

I didn't know what high-density foam was only a few hours prior. But I crossed town to get it.

That's where I'm at today. It's now 9 am and I have work to do!

I'm not done shopping yet! Today is the last day of the fabric sale and the second to last day of the paint sale.

Note: if you are new here, please don’t take my whining seriously. Please don’t leave me a comment saying that I need help and if I don't get it my son will be damaged. This note will self-destruct in 30 seconds.


  1. Bravo to you for the Grand List and for getting started on creating a reading nook. That just sounds so wonderful!

    I have been saying "someday" I will go through all of the papers and other junk I brought back from my aunt's house when she moved. Yesterday I went through a small bit of them. It is a challenging and unrewarding task.

    1. Hmmm, maybe you'll find a old hand-written note card or something! Maybe there will be a $20 bill inside!

  2. What a fun project. I'm always overwhelmed with ideas. It's frustrating some times. Like you, I like to get them all out of my brain. It helps

    1. It's turning out really cute. My son crawled into the nook yesterday and stayed there, just covered up for 15 minutes! Doing absolutely nothing! Amazing!

  3. You have inspired me! I read on another blog to do one big project like these a week. That even seems a lot. I think one every two weeks. I haven't done my list yet, but I badly want to get rid of clutter!

    1. ONe big project a week? Holy smokes! What blog was that? I'd like to know if he/she really does that. :) I have a small child who wants to play with me each and every day. I get to do a project like this when I have the time. This weekend worked.... but many don't! If you get one a month, kudos to you!

      I am going to upload pix soon! Stop by to see them! :)


  4. Cannot wait for the photos!!!!!

  5. Andrea I can so relate! And so can my friends who I shared this post with. The idea of a list is great. I have way too many SOMEDAY projects in my head! Thanks for the idea. I'm going to do that!



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