I’m Still Here

Hello Friends,

Life has been so good, busy and productive. I have been juggling several balls successfully (maybe) in the air for a bit now, and alas, RP has been on the short list of things that I can “attend to later”. Sigh. I miss writing and yet, I cannot stop my life which is moving forward oh-so-quickly.

Here’s a few of the upcoming things I absolutely want to share with you — and I have the photos to prove it!

Oliver’s Birthday ... my little Peanut is 5. FIVE EVERYBODY!
Yummy Carrot Muffins
Job status
Home projects in the making with before and after photos
Visits with friends

And I'm certain there’s more but I cannot think of them right now.

I am no longer working again as of Monday. I was contract hire, meaning that the job was not full time. Work was light and I had nothing on my schedule on Monday which means it was time for me to go.

Now I have faith in God as the week prior a position opened up in an agency that I have been hoping to work for. I am in the process of pursuing that position, so wish me luck, or prayers, whichever you prefer.

With my time opening up, I have taken it upon myself to clean out at least ONE room in the basement (there are 8-ish) which includes the daunting task of redefining the back hall experience. I did not take very good before photos, but there will be plenty of afters to admire.

Speaking of which, I now have a second cup of coffee to ingest and need to get moving on that task.

In the famous words of the Terminator moments before tearing thru the front door of a police station in a car, “I’ll be back.”


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