Catching Up - Valentine’s Day


Ok, I’ve decided to work diligently so that I can steadily get you caught up on my life. I’m going back in time now... back to a cold week in February where I did nothing... nothin’ but decorate heart-shaped cookies.

Over 200 of them.

Here are some of the goodies (you saw some here, but I never showed you the vastness of my baking obsession).


red flower





beautiful red hearts





And these may look a bit familiar. These were for Oliver’s school, the one time they allowed sugared-treats in the class. It was a Valentine’s Day party and I know I belabored way too hard on this project for the 4 and 5 year olds. Still, I made a name for myself at school. :D




And here’s Peanut’s funny face. I love that I get to influence him artistically.


He created a few Jackson Pollock themed:


Sick of seeing cookies yet? I know I wasn’t, altho you’d have to pay me about $100 a dozen if you wanted me to bake and decorate cookies for you this weekend. I’m pretty much cookied-out. Which is a bummer b/c I have the greatest Easter Bunny and Egg cookie cutters to try out...

*  *  *  *  *

I had a few friends to thank for their acts of kindness; in addition my friend Jenny had surgery and needed cheering up.

I packed up a box for Jenny, and then Oliver and I paid her a visit. :) This was a great use for those nesting boxes that have been hanging around the corner of my living room. Time to actually use them!




Next, my friend Deb took care of Oliver when I was horizontal, asleep and sick. Not only did she do our laundry, but even our undies, and THAT alone deserved a bag of sweet treats. She received the BIGGEST bag of goodies, and now you know why... :)


Drew busted out his snow blower a few times during January / February, and I let him experiment on my property. ;)

_for drews family

Eric is my tenant’s fiance. He shoveled my walks more than once. Beth took care of Oliver a few times. No charge.


There’s the whole lot of them.



Tonight – Easter cookies. Wish me luck.


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