Oh The Things One Can Do in a Day

Saturday To Do List
  • Call my pops
  • Target run
  • Make dinner
  • Make lunch 
  • Grocery store quick run
  • Gas up car
  • Fill up wiper fluid
  • read two books to Oliver
  • put on make up
  • bake 150 cookies

  • watch one episode of The Bachelor
  • fix Oliver's tummy ache
  • play hike and seek (twice!)
  • play “I’m thinking of an animal”
  • draw with Oliver / play with stamping
  • stay happy
  • pray for others and myself
Yes, you read that right, I baked 150 cookies. I think. Might have been 130; maybe 160. I'll know more tomorrow when it’s time to decorate. I’ll be sure to photograph the whole lot of them as well. You know there is a certain holiday coming up…

•  •  •  •  •  

My first “week” at work went well. It’s fun to dress up again and put on heels. It’s even better to talk shop and feel like I used to in my old job — doing the things that bring my soul alive. I love what I do for a living. If you don’t already know, I’m an interactive designer (I design websites). This particular job seems like it will be good fit for me, and the folks are so so nice. 

I am working 3 days a week. I will go up to full-time eventually (whenever I want), but for now, part-time works best. I am starting a new business (don’t expect to hear about my new cafe or bakery). I have created an LLC because I have found myself surrounded by design opportunities. I have a few proposals out, and I am reserving a few days a week in order to complete my commitments. I have a goal to make a certain amount of money this year by doing these “side jobs” and then a certain salary amount as well. (Have you read The Instant Millionaire?)


  1. I am in awe of people who do things such as design websites. It took me about 8 hours just to figure out how to get a photo into my blog banner. I want to change it, but the thought is too traumatic.

    I wish I could find time to bake something. I need to, for my sanity!


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