Mini Conversations with Oliver


7:00 am

We were snuggling in bed this morning and…
Me: I need my morning coffee.
Oliver: Help yourself.

8:30 am

Oliver: I'm hungry. Can you make 4 grilled cheese sammiches for me?

9:30 am

Distraught over a broken lego from the new cement truck he was beginning to build…
Me: Don't worry Oliver. We'll go back to the lego store and ask them for a new one.
Oliver: But then I have to start all over. I don't want to have to start all over. I was already on page two!

12:30 pm

On our way to Monster Hill to go sledding…
Oliver: Isn't just a beautiful day Mommy?
Me: Yes, it is!
Oliver: Isn't it nice and sunny?
Me: Yep

4:30 pm

Driving home from sledding…
Oliver: When you go to the store Mommy, I'll just wait in the car.
Me: I can't leave you in the car, Oliver. The police wont like that.
Oliver: Will the police get mad at you Mommy, or me?
Me: Me. You'll never be in trouble with the police. Unless of course you steal.
Oliver: I never steal. I'm trying to not get in jail.

7:00 pm

As I walk into the bathroom to take a shower…
Oliver: Have fun in the shower! And don't forget: you can play with my toys if you want.

7:15 pm

Oliver: Bon Appetit! Time to eat!


  1. These are great conversations! It's good to know that some children are being taught to say "Bon Appetit."


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