Oliver’s To Do List

Monday mid-morning I walked into the living room where Oliver was. He was quietly talking to himself and had a pensive look upon his face. He was certainly focused, and this was quite unusual.

What 'cha doin’ Oliver?

Oh... just thinking.

Thinking of what?

Oh, just thinking of all the jobs I have to do.

Jobs? What jobs?

Well,  jobs like... mmmm, well, like putting away the Christmas tree job, playing with legos job, building somefing job, playing with my cars job, petting my kitty job, coloring job, designing job, putting away the ornaments job, yeah, that job... cooking and eating job, taking my vitamins job, coloring job... wait, did I already say that already? 

Uh, yeah.

Petting my kitty job, sitting down job, checking the weather job... stuff like that. Just thinking of all the jobs I have today.

How about cleaning your room job?

Cleaning my room job.

Well, OK then.

So, can you leave me alone now? I have lots of jobs to think about.

OK. I'll be in the kitchen if you need me.

OK Momma. 

I swear, he doesn’t get it from me. OK, well, maybe...


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