Fighting off Frumpy and Admitting to the Fact that I Might Just Need Some Help Around Here

Things haven’t improved much around here. I cannot remember the last time I was this sick. Each breath burns my lungs. Today when I gently blew my nose the room started spinning. AND IT DIDN'T STOP FOR QUITE SOME TIME.

I've not much of an appetite, and even when I do eat, food just does not taste good. I thought I was feeling better because I started to have cravings, you know, the kind when you’re preggo? I absolutely needed to have (and still do) spaghetti with meat sauce from either the local Greek Family Restaurant (you know those types, right?) or from Bravo. Either one will suffice. I mustered the energy to cook yesterday. Cooking involves several breaks. Rest stops. Pit stops. Time outs. You know, stuff like that. Once my energy levels come back up, I resume. But that leaves little or no energy for clean up, not my own, not Oliver’s. What I really need is a mom here for a few days.

OK, back to food. I made this amazing meat sauce, from scratch mind you. Tomato sauce, plain, no seasonings. I added my own. Grass-fed beef. Veggies. Made a special trip to the store (see below) just to get a green pepper because I just HAD to have a green pepper in it. I had red in the house. But I needed green. Once it was all done.... nothing but disappointment. I should have just headed to Bravo’s or Omega's.

I've had a hankering for green tea and have drank at least a gallon of it or more and quickly depleted my resources. Wouldn't you know, the one time I tried to head out to the store in my 5-days of sweats and fleece jacket finery, I run into people I know. Can't even remember the last time I brushed my hair. It hurts too much. I look so lovely.

I finally called uncle and asked my friend Deb to take Oliver for the day yesterday. Away with the pleasantries, the conversation went something like this:

Hey Deb.
Hey Hi! (happy to hear from me.)
How's it going?
Crazy. Just trying to sort thru 1000's of girl scout cookies, round two. I'm in my garage. You know, they really tried to make it easier for us this year by shaving 2 weeks off this, and yeah, it helps but there's a lot of shit to get thru. (We don't mince words.) How are you?
Good...Cough. Shitty.
Yeah, that's goin' around. Melissa was sick for weeks, missed 10 days of school.
Holy Crap!! TEN days? (Hoping that's not my fate as well.)

Thank god for Deb. She even did a couple loads of wash for us too. Oliver’s father was not able to take him, and the poor kid and I could not do any of the things we normally do together. I never realized how much we kiss and cuddle. There's been none of that going on. Plus no playing. I have been sleeping most of the time. Oliver's been able to occupy himself, thank goodness. I can hear him ever-so-slightly. He's watched Charlie and Lola so many times that I've caught hints of a British accent with every request he's made lately.

Charlie and Lola TV show is based off Lauren Child’s books, the most famous is: I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato

I'm sharing my very favorite Charlie and Lola episode. But first, here's little background info that will help explain one tiny yelp Lola makes when she's searching for her shoes in the fridge: Lola does not like tomatoes, if you haven’t already guessed. Watch for the yelp.

Any woman who loves shoes should be able to relate to this video below. Enjoy.

Oh, and wish me a speedy recovery. I mean really. I've been in bed for a full 7 days now. And time to take another nap.


  1. Sounds to me like it's time for the doctor to make a house call. Don't you wish they still did that? Really - this could be a sinus infection, ear infection, plus something going on your lungs. I do wish for your speedy, speedy recovery, and hope that you will be able to get the medical care needed. A few years ago I had a nasty sinus infection. For a long time afterwards I had no appetite, and had vertigo. I sincerely hope this is not what is developing for you.

    1. Hi... I went to urgent care. They had limited medical capabilities there, but did prescribe antibiotics. I'm on my 4th dose. I see changes finally... for the better. Now I'm just "normal" sick.

      I think.

      House calls would be great!

      Wait a minute... I have SEVERAL friends who are MD's......several.......hmmmmmm

      x o x o x

  2. Glad that you called Deb for help. Wish I were there to help too. :( Keeping you in my prayers. I spent all weekend asleep myself. Just sick and tired of being sick and tired!

    1. Oh Pamela, While i Know the girls are so happy where they are at, I so wish wish wish you could live back here by us. I would prolly be at your door with coffee every Saturday morning, and I'd go to many of the Julia's swim meets and take them / pick them up for you when you or Ron couldn't. Oh wait, that's right. Julia drives! Well, I'd prolly hire Julia to drive me around, kinda like Drivin' Miss Andrea, you know? :D :D


      I hope you feel better too. You are in my prayers too... Sick of being sick is exactly right. I started crying the other day b/c I was sick of it, but the congestion just got worse with tears! :D Go figure!

      Love you!


  3. Glad you're doing better. I was out with flu. HORRID


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