Elephant Cookies


OMG, isn't he just the cutest?


That is 4-inches of sugary goodness.


And now, a few babies...


I can’t stop baking and decorating cookies.


Especially elephants. In love.


Unfortunately, it takes up all my free time.

And my kitchen counter space.

And dining room space.

But it’s fun.

And just wait until you see all the others.


I’ve gone cookie-mad. I know.


  1. These are really cute! It's making me hungry for one! Looks like you made personalized cookies and a couple of onesies. Can't wait to see more. I wish you'd post the recipe on your blog... altho the links you provide (past posts) were also very helpful.

    Thanks for sharing!!


    1. Hi R,

      OK, I will publish the recipes on my blog. It's a good thing to do in case the links to the other blogs take the recipe down.

      Andrea :)

  2. The family of elephants is adorable. And the onesies and bib are brilliant. So beautiful!

  3. Andrea, I am URGING you to send samples or photos of these cookies to food magazines. I am not kidding! I have never seen anything like it.

    The other day, I stood at the checkout at the grocery store and there was this magazine (Better Living? I forgot the name) showing samples of cookies. They were nothing compared to the magic you are baking.

    You know the old saying, do what you love and the money is coming....

    I don't think you really know how incredibly professional and amazing these cookies are.

    Best, Jana

    1. Jana, You are so sweet. I think you hit on something... something people close to me have told me often, "I don't think you realize how ______ you are." Or something to that effect. :) I compare myself to others out there. Trust me, there are others 10x more professional and beautiful than mine. :) I did look into selling on etsy, but in Wisconsin, you need a professional kitchen.

      I am starting a business, but it's not cookies. I do design (interactive) and a have three clients so far. I also will be starting work soon. (New post will reveal more tomrrow).

      I'm so glad you have been a regular reader here. :) Thank you SO MUCH. It means a lot to me.



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