Sweet Treats

We had fun the last few days.


I'll post more soon, but just know were are so busy getting ready for the holidays!


We had a first attempt at creating iced cookies.


Oliver was a hoot, calling himself a "creator" ...


We did our fun little M&M treats too.


And we stopped often for coffee breaks.

It's a lot of work making cookies.


  1. It IS a lot of work making cookies. Those are some gorgeous cookies! I always loved making cookies with my kids, as long as there was no pressure to make the cookies perfect, or to get them done by a certain time. It is definitely a creative effort. It's just so freeing to be able to focus just on making the cookies. And then, it's a delicious treat when they are done.

    1. Thank you! We are having a blast making them! And after about 3-4 cookies, Oliver says, "Let's take a break!" and then we stop to drink coffee, play legos, or dance. Yup. Dance. Each time Vince Guaraldi comes on, we have to stop to dance. It's such a blast. Life's been so good lately... feelings of true joy flow thru my heart! My son is just a HOOT!

  2. Andrea, those star/snowflake cookies are awesome. They look so perfect, that white one with the blue dot is just fantastic.


    1. That's MY favorite too... the white one. I'm making more. Another two batches, and this time only big stars and snowflakes. :) I am making a few trees and small circles too. This is so much fun... but it's definitely an art. This really is only my (our) second attempt. Oliver made some cute ones too. I'll show his in another post. x o x o


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