Hurricane Sandy

My heart and prayers go out to all the victims of Hurricane Sandy. It's amazing how vast and expansive this storm was. I hope that you and your family, friends and relatives are safe in Sandy's wake.

Even on the outskirts, the storm delivered brief effects here on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.





This was on shores of Lake Michigan so near to our home. The monster waves were spectacular to watch, and there were 100's of people out braving the cold wind-chill. I wrapped Oliver up in a blanket so he could see Mother Nature work her course.



  1. Wow. Those look like Atlantic Ocean waves.

    Here in Western PA we just got day after day of rain. The high winds that we were expecting didn't really cause too much damage here. But NYC (where we used to live) and New Jersey - that's another story. Very sad and upsetting to see photos of the NYC subway full of water.


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