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Sent: November 19, 2012
Subject: Just Checking...

Hi Honey,

I know you're going through a lot. I just wanted to reach out to you - see how you're doing. Hope you're holding up.....I know it's tough....I completely know. They lie, seems like they get over on the system. But I've been dealing w/ the same thing. & I've come to learn that the person who is doing right has to defend themselves that much harder. So be prepared for battle, but dont let it get to you. You're better than that. Don't let him see you sweat & don't let him knock you down. You've come this far, you've overcome so much. You will get thru this. Positive side is the divorce is filed which means you will be thru this sooner rather than later. Which means you'll be able to get closure sooner & move on w/ life.

If you ever need me. Just to vent, for questions, advice, to watch Oli, a girls night, a drink - whatever, you know I'm here & know where to find me.


Sent: November 18, 2012
Subject: Thinking of You


I just wanted to thank you for sending me the updates. I am very sad that you are going through this. I support you and Oliver with every thought of your situation. I'm sickened by Matt's actions and hope beyond hope that the judge sees through him. May your attorney remain strong and focused.

I believe you will be ok, but I know it will be a long road--no one works as hard and loves oliver as deeply as you.

Please remember that I love you...if I can help with getting organized for your move or with child care in some way, don't hesitate to call. Melissa and Megan would love to lend a hand.


Sent: November 16, 2012
Subject: Court

I am so sorry. What happened w/custody? And is there a folow up hearing? At some pt when ur lawyer can get all his paperwork 2gether u can go back i think. Regardless, i will continue to pray fpr you and just know that we can tall anytime about anything. So so sorry.


Sent: November 16, 2012
Subject: today's client presentation

Have a good weekend and I will talk with you soon. Great job today - especially with everything you are going through. You are one strong lady!!!


Sent: November 16, 2012
Subject: Thank you

I am sorry things didnt turn out the way you had hoped. I bet it makes you angry when your husband is not truthful. That is wrong and deserves your anger. I will pray for truth to be revealed.


Sent: November 14, 2012
Subject: Prayers

Hey girl,

Our prayers are here with you always, but especially tomorrow as you go through this very difficult door to the rest of your life. I know its not the way you wanted it, but everyone will hopefully be in a better place afterward. I'm with you on the road, all the way...

Love, A

Sent: November 12, 2012
Subject: Prayer request


Our prayers, thoughts and support are indeed with you. As you struggle through this difficult period in your life, please be assured that "your church" family is with you.

We all bring different crosses, struggles and troubles to bear on our own lives and we really have enjoyed your being part of the group. We will indeed pray for you, your legal team and your family.

We will pray also that the court outcome will bring you God's solace, comfort, patience and strength as you continue showing your son with love while also learning how to work with his father in the whatever new family structure the court helps define for all of you.



This is just a sampling of the support I've been receiving. There have been countless emails, countless texts, countless conversations. I have never been so surrounded by support and love. I am honored and touched by those who love me and care about me. I am serious when I say the list just goes on and on.

I'm lucky, and during my darkest days, you all have been a little light to get me thru moments of despair.

Thank you.


  1. Hi Andrea,

    I echo the emails above. The papers are filed. There will be an end and now you are no longer living in limbo. I've been thru this too a while ago. These are surreal, dark dark days, there is no doubt about that. It stays like this for a while, and then poof! It's over. You will get thru this even tho it may not seem like it at times. Divorce is all encompassing. It takes over all your thoughts. Not to minimize, but millions of women go thru this, even women who did not want their divorces. They got thru it. There are more stories than not of people finding true love afterwards, altho I know that is not your goal: true love. You will feel joyful and happy again. Joy is the result. Hang on to that. You will be joyful and free. There's a lot ahead. Take it one day, one hurdle at a time. Many have done this. You can too. You are stronger than most women I know. It feels like shit now, but it will end, I promise.

    Sending you love and prayers. You will not be let down. I promise.


  2. Glad you have so much support. I'm a single mom too and I know what you are going thru. Eventually this will be behind you and you'll feel free again. :)



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