Use Your Words

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I like to write.

I write a lot.

I write often.

I don’t always like what I write.

Sometimes I read what I write later and want to barf.

Sometimes I wonder how y’all can stand my writing.

Sometimes I think I’m so great when I write from the heart.

I have no training. I just write.

I write a lot of things in personal journals too, all of which I do not share on RP.

I ponder taking a writing class.

I decided to work with a personal trainer. A writing coach. One on one.

I had my first one on one.

OMG, I love my teacher and want to kiss him.

A lot.

I wish he had a desk, and I was his student.

Then I could carry my books up to his desk after class and ask him questions while he sits at his desk.

And I could flip my hair over my shoulder while I talk to him.

I need to shut up now.

Mostly, what you need to know is that I have finally, over the past year, had an awakening.

I’m not just a mommy blogger.

I want to become a good writer.

I am working with a coach. And I have a crush on him when he coaches me. I want to kiss him when he coaches me. After, of course, I listen to what he tells me. Then, I want to kiss him.

I’m crazy. I was just crooning over what was last week.

I’m inspired to live well.

Write well.


 With grace.


  1. There is a book just for Moms who like to write?! ?! ?! And it is possible to hire a one-on-one writing coach?! One that is worth swooning over?!

    I am taking an online stats course, but your idea sounds beats online.

    1. Your comment made me smile. Yes, I know... Isn't that cool?!! A book for moms? Stay tuned. I'll be quoting excerpts from it. Or even better, buy a copy for yourself.

      And yes... A coach worth swooning over. Fun stuff. Tough assignments tho. I don't like them but I'm hoping they will improve my writing bc they certainly take me out of my comfort zone.



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