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We are back from the cottage. It was nice to leave, stopping for pies, apples and coffee on the ride home. I usually buy a few pies (frozen, unbaked) to store in my chest freezer for Thanksgiving and Christmas. When my lovely nephews are in town, we go thru one pie in a split second. I really should have bought 4-5. My favorite is the 4-berry pie from Bea's.

Well, upon arrival I had a moment to myself and promptly glanced over my God Calling app. Amazing. Really amazing. It spoke to me today, and I think I will print this out and try to apply it daily.

Glad Surprises

Our Lord, we know that all is well. We trust Thee for all. We love Thee increasingly. We bow to Thy Will.

Bow not as one who is resigned to some heavy blow about to fall or to the acceptance of some inevitable decision.

Bow as a child bows, in anticipation of a glad surprise being prepared for it by one who loves it.

Bow in such a way, just waiting to hear the loving word to raise your head, and see the glory and Joy and wonder of your surprise.

Do all things without murmurings and disputings. Philippians 2:14

From 365 One-Minute Meditations: God Calling edited by A.J. Russell. ©2008 by John Hunt Publishing Ltd., New Alresford, Hants, UK. All rights reserved. For devotionals like this one for your iPhone, visit us at

My goodness. How appropriate for me.

Bow not as one who is resigned to some heavy blow about to fall or to the acceptance of some inevitable decision.

I am completely expecting some heavy blow or some inevitable (negative) decision; I'm soaked completely in fear. I have zero trust in God. I believe I will fall on my feet. I professed complete and utter blind trust in God 100 times over last Fall, that He will not let us fall on our feet, that we will be OK that we will find a beautiful shelter. Yet one year later I cannot grasp even a fraction of that much faith — the assurance that I will be OK. That moving from my home, Oliver's home, will not be the beginning of poverty for me, will not be the end of a beautiful home to raise my Peanut in.

Bow as a child bows, in anticipation of a glad surprise being prepared for it by one who loves it.

I have not had the anticipation of a glad surprise.

Until just now.

I'm trying. I'm trying to have that faith again. That trust. That miracle. I keep forgetting that there are endless miracles ready and available to me. I've already received 100’s. Why would finding an apartment be anything less?

Evidence (God building my faith in Him):

Today I did a bit more researching Craig's List. Nope. Nothing worthwhile in my town that I can move into; I'm only looking right now. I don't have to move until March. I wanted to get a taste of what's out there and the options suck right now.

And then....

I found out that the apartment I had been HOPING to rent was priced $400 less that I had originally been told (by another tenant). That makes it very affordable. THANK. GOD. Wrong. They are actually $300 more than I had been told.

And then....

I realized there was another new complex going up in my town; affordable luxury apartments with a fitness center, a concierge, beautiful modern appliances and more... in my price range! (er... as long as I find a job that is!) They wont be available until end of summer 2013, but that's fine. I can secure a deposit on an apartment now. We can move in with my dad for the summer and then move back in the fall. I'm OK with that. And my Pops would love it too.

I'm jumping with joy right now! Jumping!

I have to keep remembering that all is well. Trust. Anticipate a glad surprise being prepared for us. On our way to Door County Wednesday, a quick call to a friend who is a strong believer bestowed this gift: God is already preparing a place for you and Oliver to live. He's already picked out a place for you. Leave it to Him. It's already taken care of.

Those words are hard to believe, but they gave me my first glimmer of hope. I do wane in my faith. I don't know sometimes if who I'm praying to is really listening. I need these daily reminders, daily devotionals, friends who whisper promises in my ear, all so that I can see God, so that I know He exists and cares for me too. Maybe it's true, He knows exactly what I need, even before I do.

Do all things without murmurings and disputings...

I've been murmuring and disputing for the last month. Time to stop. Time to believe, have faith, know that I ... we ... will be OK. Actually, we ARE OK, at this very moment.


  1. Move in with Dad? Well, that's a way to save money. Sweet one...this isn't a big deal. You've done it before. Get a lower rent place in an unknown neighborhood, collect unemployment and forget the specialty coffees. I've made it 8 months without a paycheck. But then, I'm queen of frugal.


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