Beautiful Fall in Door County

I had a sweet weekend away, without my son this time, in Door County. It was a gentle reminder that I am more than a mother as I embarked on longer hikes, shopping trips to someplace other than a grocery store, movies rated higher than G, and even a few spirited beverages at a local joint. There was no one negotiating a trip to the candy store if he eats all his dinner. My weekend was relaxing, warm, fun and full of local color, both natural and Packer-induced

Here’s a peek into my weekend and another rarity — a photo of me. You don’t get to see me often on RP.

Stay tuned for an upcoming recipe on delish pumpkin bread and a post on the “color” in Door County.


  1. Pretty photo of you Andrea. You're gorgeous!

    Love, Kath

  2. Why are you so unsure of yourself?


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