Second Day of School

It didn't take long before we had to literally drag Oliver into school.


Ohhhh, just kidding.



He loves school. He is such a happy, exuberant child.


He loves having us both there.


In fact, he’s a ham. Enough pix already.



  1. Great shots. My kids' dad doesn't really participate in school. Yes he picks them up there every Wednesday and every other Friday. Yes he drops them off there every Thursday and every other Monday morning. But that's it. He wasn't at the orientation. He doesn't do field trips. He doesn't volunteer at any activities. Sometimes he goes to the shows and stuff. I think it bothers me more than the kids.

    1. Ha, it's weird going with my X. I'm not used to "sharing" my time with Oliver. It wont always be like this.... eventually only one of us will go on the days we have our son.

      It took a while but I finally conceded: Matt is a good dad. Crappy husband does not equal crappy dad. It sort of did in my book for a while. But I guess I have to give him credit for all the other stuff he does that's good, including loving and wanted to be with his son.

      To be honest, some dads just don't do that stuff, married or not... am I right? Well, my dad didn't anyway....


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