My Truck, Train, Dirt Lovin’ Boy

Oliver definitely has a sense of style.

I was putzing around today in the H&M virtual dressing room when in walked my Peanut. After watching me for a few moments he really wanted to try it himself. I didn't have the energy to guide him through the process, but he observed me for a bit, and I hoped that was enough of a tutorial. I then let him be and walked off to tackle real assignments like re-arranging the utensil drawer.

Sure enough.

Moments later he walked into the kitchen. “Momma. Come here. I have something to show you.”

The thought crossed my mind that he had broken something accidentally.

He held my hand and led me back to my laptop.

“LOOK!” he exclaimed, proudly.

I could NOT believe it.


He had created an outfit.

I think this is my most favoritest outfit ever.

Adding to the thrill of discovering this new talent of my digger collecting son, Oliver completely eliminated most, if not all, of the self-doubt and loathing I’ve been feeling the last two weeks when he asked me, “Is that girl you Momma?”

My son thinks that model looks like me.

Oh God, could this day get any better?

My first instinct was to share this amazing new facet of my Peanut with his father, but then I remembered what a schmuck I think he is right now (the father, not my Peanut). I’ll save that for another post or maybe just coffee with my close friends. I opted instead to keep this amazing outfit Oliver created and his hidden talent to myself and later share it on RP.

Take a closer look:



Do you see the detail? The hair accessory? The knee highs and the matching shoes? The cashmere scarf? To say nothing of the shapewear slip and the over-sized bag.

My god, this really IS my child! Thank you Lordie! Thank you!


  1. I love it! I've seen that HM virtual dress room and I am amazed that a 4 year old boy can accomplish that task! Good for him! I like the outfit. Maybe you have a little designer on hand! The purple tights are awesome too.

    You go Oliver!


  2. She sort of does have your hair and look. YOU are gorgeous Andrea!


  3. Thanks gals. I don't know how gorgeous I feel these days, but it's nice to think my son doesn't judge me (right now) the way society (or my X) does.

    I have been really bummed lately about my body, age, and so much more. It was great to see Oliver do this, and really sweet of him to actually wonder if that model was me....


  4. Cute outfit Andrea. Maybe Oliver can design an outfit for me. Post more if he decides to create another one!

    PS. Pix from Door County coming soon? And recipes? :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, I'll do my best to go thru those 500 pix! Um, recipes.... yeah right. I have a cauliflower soup recipe waiting to share, and then a muffin recipe that I just made the other day... and then.....

  5. I'm still smiling...Yay for Oliver! A fantastic outfit. I'm just gonna take a little credit here--I spent a whole lotta time playing with the dollhouse stuff with him. He is certainly not afraid to take a crack at the atypical male pursuits. :)


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