Get Ready Girls

Oh. My. God.

This Dynamic Duo is just getting started.

Watch out Rolla.

Watch out girls.

I have three words for you: James and Drew.

My nephews are now both in college. Brothers, they are. Missouri Science & Tech. Freshman on the left (Drew). Senior (James) on the right.

My heart was on the floor.

Still beating tho.

Rolla may not be ready for this. Girls may not be ready for this. Moms may not ready for this. {Aunties may not be ready for this.} Dads may want have a talk with their daughters. Because… These two are attending the same college for the next year and a half. My two nephews, swim team athletes, both of whom you’ve met before.

(James here and here and here and oh-my-gosh here and here; Drew here and here and here.)

It was Formal tonight. Drew had a date. She said I could post their photo. She’s gorgeous! Ashton. Hi Ashton.

I get to brag that I knew them when they were babies. Check back soon. I’ll post a photo of them as toddlers. (Sorry boys.) They are both good guys. Smart. Sweet. Tough. Athletic. Strong. Faith-based. Thoughtful. Kind. Respectful. Honest. Open. Gorgeous. Built. And all boy.

It’s a rare shot to see them both in a jacket and ties.

Oh, and they are awesome big cousins to Oliver.

Here’s one for my boys. Thought about getting all sentimental and then realized I’m the cool aunt. No tears here. Have fun boys. Just not too much fun.


  1. I have so much to say to you but seeing "the boys" just makes my heart mush. Handsome to say the least. I don't have your email anymore please. Please send it to me via my work email (which I assume you have). I love you. Cuz Sue


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