First Day of School

Here’s how our morning went: wake up excited, brew coffee, find out there is no cream in the house, text Oliver’s father to see if he can bring coffee, get Oliver 1/2 dressed, try on several  new shirts, take off shirt, eat breakfast, brush teeth, floss, put on shirt, say hi to daddy, change shirt, change shorts, grab phone and coffee, leave for school, take pix, ask other parents what is going on, enter classroom, read a book to Oliver, take more pix, try not to cry, leave, try not to cry.



  1. Congratulations Oliver. Just remember think real hard study real hard and answer questions with what U think is the bestest answer. I mean don't be afraid to speak up offer n answer Teachers really like it when the students listen and Participate that is--- answer questions it is not like the teacher is grading you on your answer -- but the teacher appreciates students who listen and TRY


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