Morning Carrot Juice

Today I had the brilliant idea to serve Oliver carrot juice for breakfast along with (organic) sausage and eggs. We were short on time, and I wanted to be sure he had a healthy breakfast. Protein is essential in the morning which is why he had the sausage, eggs and cheese. But I absolutely LOVE freshly juiced fruit and veggies, so while laying in bed I knew that it was time to break out the ol’ juicing machine. The juice doesn’t last long in the fridge, so I’ve learned it’s best to juice only what you will drink.

(Recipe at the bottom of this post)


I haven’t juiced in quite a while — I mentioned that I think.

A long while.

A long long long time.

And I had only 1/2 cup of coffee in me.

Therefore, when I dusted off my juicer, I was half-asleep and didn’t realize that I had forgotten how the machine worked.

I loaded the carrots.

Placed a jar under the spout to catch the delectable juice.

Turned on the machine.

Pressed the carrots downward.

Out spurt the carrot fibers — not the juice — into the jar, all over my counter, all over my shirt, my toes, my face.

What the...

I had the machine backwards. The actual carrot juice was all over my counter. The back of my counter.

Luckily I had more carrots.

And patience.

And  a sense of humor.

And a camera.

The juice was sweet, delicious, incredible, smooth and so amazing.

And we’ll do it again tomorrow.

AFTER momma has her coffee.

Morning Carrot Juice

6 Carrots
1 Cucumber

Do not peel or trim carrots. Trim off the bitter ends of the cucumber however. Juice all veggies in a juicer. Drink immediately.

Yield: 12 ounces of juice


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