Life is Short

We’re up at the cottage. (Note to crazy people: Someone is staying at our house … don’t even think about it.) It’s been perfectly beautiful up here without a single day wasted on stress. Not even one. The first day we stayed in our jammies most of the day (it poured) which wasn’t very noticeable since we slept in our clothes that night!

 I think the closest to anxious we’ve been was when the Mouse Trap game was taking us waaaaaaaaay past Oliver’s bedtime. Of course, Oliver didn’t complain.

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While we were up here, a tragic accident happened just down the road from our cottage. A woman died, and it’s been hard to shake. Every day, more than once, we drive past her the tire marks where she her husband pulled hard on her the motorcycle brakes just before impact, a solemn reminder of her unexpected death.

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I look at my baby boy, now 4. I wonder what lies ahead? Of course, that’s no way to live, looking over one’s shoulder. Yet it begs the question.

This confirms my choice to enjoy just being together. Looking at my son. Listening to him. Watching him. Being with him instead of trying to train him to grow up decent. Nurturing my son is my job. In addition, it’s great to take the parent discipline hat off for once.

This is the first time here at the cottage we are just enjoying being. No rushing. No agenda. We are not even doing 1/2 of the things I usually request we do: no hiking, swimming, rock-throwing. We didn’t even unpack the first few days (normally I’m in a rush to get everything tucked away and in its place.)

We did make it to the beach yesterday. (You’ll have to be satisfied with iPhone snapshots.)

It’s a different vibe right now. I’m not sure what is causing the chill playlist, but we are definitely enjoying it. Both of us.

Oh to be that small to fit into 4 toss pillows like that …

In fact, Oliver’s dad is heading on a vacation mid-September, and I’m tempted to pull Oliver out of 4K that week to head back up here. Why not? 4K is not required in our state, and life is short.

With no agenda and a lot of time to listen and be present, I’ve noticed my son is not just this “toddler that needs to reigned in,” but rather a living breathing human being who has feelings, ideas, thoughts, and needs of his own. It’s almost as if I’ve stopped thinking of him as my responsibility (of course he is), and instead I’ve been looking at him as a person. His own person. He’s got a right to life just as much as anyone. And as morbid as it sounds, who knows how long / short life is? Ugg.... I think of all the horrible things that could happen someday. It’s so dreadful to think of that.

OK girl. Focus on the fun.

Ooooo, and the food!

The fooooooood!

Holy moly! I made some yummalicious dinners, lunches and breakfasts this week! Banana pancakes (today). Chicken friggin’ enchiladas (last night). Quesadillas. Scallops. I’d love to share the recipes, but you’ll have to forgive the photos. I’m thinking I’ll take a food photography class someday. The lighting and the shots I did take (or forgot to take in most instances) are not great. You’ll have to settle for just the recipes (which I can take 100% credit for since I made them up in my head!!! YES I DID!) and no photos.

OK, we are off for a hike, the first since we arrived about 4-5 days ago!

Check back soon. I will upload photos if I am not too exhausted tonight. I think I’ll create a post with just pix so you can get an idea of how lovely it is up here.

Oh right. You already know that.

Heh heh.



  1. Hi Andrea,

    spend as much time at your cottage with Oliver as possible, once you are working again, you won't be able to do that. These are memories you are creating, Oliver will never forget!

    Although it sucks (the job issue) take it as a unexpected gift to enjoy extra time with your son. I can just imagine how absolutely sweet the first fall days are up there.

    We now live in Florida and I miss the change of season so much. Tired of the heat :(

    Best, Jana

    1. HEY Jana!

      Thanks, you're right. I'm very much enjoying this time off!

      Also, I had no idea you moved south. Weren't you in the midwest? I hope all is well.

  2. Andrea,

    because of my husband's job, we move around alot. We just returned last year from a 3 year stint in South East Asia, were for a few months in Chicago and are now in Florida.

    But all is well :)

    Best, Jana


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