The Weekend

Thank God for the weekends. It feels as if the job search will not allow me to relax, not allow me to breath and enjoy the sun, the day, the rest, the time. I feel as if I should be doing something, always. It's hard to take time.

Maybe this is part of what God is asking of me … to chill out. Spend some time with Oliver. Focus on Oliver.

It’s difficult when the jobs are out there, and I know others are working hard to get them before me. It’s competitive out there. I am relaxed, to a point. I am confident, to a point. I am certain, to a point. There’s still action to take, and I feel as if I am not taking enough action.

Come Saturday. A time to loll around and know that most of the working world is taking a breath this morning also.

Most are not thinking of work this morning, in my part of the world. We live by a Great Lake. We live by 100’s of inland lakes.

I was hoping to get on a lake today. Hoping to experience the wind and sails with my son. I’m positive that wont happen now. Change of plans. And that’s how life has been for me, lots of changes of my plans. Lots of changes in who is in and out of my life. Lots of changes in support. In friendships. In comforts. In love.

Sad isn’t it?

Sometimes it is.

Alas, I’m not able to rest in sadness for long. I want to sometimes. Sometimes I want to crawl up into a ball and wish the world away, wish for less stressful times.

Oliver has something to say to y’all...

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And with that, we’re off to enjoy the day! :)