Sweet Sweet Sweet

I’m interrupting this program to give you a taste of the best of summer:

Because watermelon is so much more delicious than resumé writing.

A couple weeks back we were at the cottage. Perhaps you remember.

We saved watermelon bliss for the last day of cottage life, and Mother Nature was so kind to us. This was the sweetest, juiciest, yummiest la pastèque I’ve experienced.

So much so that le sucre went straight to Oliver’s brain.

Immediately he performed for the camera.


Sillier with each click.

Are you freakin’ out yet?

He’s big and he’s silly and he’s happy and he’s quite the personality.

He’s also a socialite. Of course we had to share with Karl, our neighbor.

Between Oliver and myself, we ate 1/2 of the watermelon. Karl only ate a slice or two. We put him to shame.

And my camera settings were so off that the only way I could allow you to glimpse the party was to apply a vintage filter to the photo. :)

Not many mistakes that a good filter can’t remedy.

The photos are so yummy that I’m inspired to get that resumé out so that I can run up to the cottage and spend the rest of my days living the good life.

I think I need to find a good farmer fisherman who needs a wife and sweet young boy running between his feet. ;)

Added bonus: watermelon on warm summer days.