Happy Birthday

I wont reveal my age (I suppose you can do a google search to find out) but I did get another year older today.

Today I awoke with a migraine. I was not able to be perpendicular to the floor until noon. My son is now old enough to find the cheese sticks and breakfast bars on his own. By noon I was up, made his lunch and whisked him off to camp.

I had two and 1/2 hours to myself after that. I was feeling still a bit woozy. I did a few things like pick up around the house (only a bit) and took it easy.

I have had the best birthday wishes around. Three teenagers texted me. That was the best. I had several chats with friends. Another great BD present. My garage had been left open last night, along with my trunk left open which had my iMac in it. Holy Moly! No one took it. I do live in a good neighborhood, but there are alley dwellers and often at night they drive by to see if anyone left their garage doors open. Sigh.... that was a good BD present for sure.

I can't chat long. We're off to dinner. Oliver keeps asking for Pot Stickers and so we are going to find some yummy ones somewhere. I have the best dinner date yet.

Love you all, and thanks for the encouragement.



  1. The computer I was at yesterday blocks Blogspot so have a happy belated birthday!


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