Buckets Have Been Tended To

Those of you who have Faith....

I wish I had the courage to explain each and every little tiny crazy fear and thought that runs thru this brain of mine. I'm as open as I can be, but I mean really... there ARE limits to what I can say here. To boot I get a lot of shit from people (OK, not a lot... but enough to make me want to say a big EFF YOU to a few people)... who don't like my choices. AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

But I don't care. I mean, I care if I hurt someone. I care that I'm a good person. I care that I have a connection to my God. I care that I'm a good mom. A good daughter, etc etc.

So.... here's the thing. Yesterday I had about 8 small tin cans filled with concerns. Imaginary cans if you will, but real live concerns.

Yesterday, as my day unfolded, each and every concern was tended too just like a grandmother carefully ironing and meticulously folding cloth hankies for her family. Seriously, I truly believe God had his hand in each one of those tin cans. No, He didn't swipe them all away. Instead, he tended to each can individually, quietly, gently emptying the cans of their negative fears and hurts and worries. Some were untrue. Some were crazy thoughts. Some were true but others felt them too so I know it wasn't "me" who was reading things wrong. Some were concerns, valid ones. Some were hurts.

Each one, throughtout the day, was cleaned of debris, until all that was left was a peace that transcended all understanding.

I love my life. I love how God works in my life. I love how easy my life is. I love how I get to trust more. I love how you pray for me. I love that I have FOUR, count them FOUR teens text me happy birthday yesterday. I love that so many wonderful things happened yesterday. I love that I could set the worries, hurts, fears aside and notice how lovely my child is.

And here's what he said today in case you haven't read my facebook update:

Oliver: Momma? I love you. I love you tons. In fact, I love you for 45 minutes!

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds …
Philippeans 4:7


  1. I LOVE this update. And I am praising God for quieting your heart yesterday.

    Sometimes it absolutely kills me that the only way I will understand some things is in hindsight. When they are all finished and past and I know that I made it. I am thankful for a God that sees the big picture that I can't.

    I hope today is another day of peace for you. And... if it's not.. there's always tomorrow. :)


  2. Goosebumps at the verse. Always.


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