Coffee with Cream in Bed!

The other day my son came into my room at about 5 am; nothing unusual there. I often wake up to a shared pillow with a hard-sleeping toddler beside me.

This morning he awoke and darted off to another room at about 6:30 or so. I shouted out to him as I always do, "Can you please turn Mommy's coffee machine on?" I have one of those automated machines, a capsule crunching, black gold producing Nespresso machine. It's quite simple to use. So simple, apparently, that my 4-yr old can handle the morning coffee ritual alone, without supervision, and produce a completely perfect cup of hot java for his mother, while she still lays in slumber, in her bed.

Allow me to help you fully understand this feat. Oliver had to:
  1. Move his step stool to the counter by the coffee machine.
  2. Turn on the machine.
  3. Wait for it to warm up.
  4. Hit the rinse button.
  5. Empty the rinse cup. (This step he used to miss often)
  6. Chose a capsule color that he knows I like.
  7. Move his step stool to the coffee cup cupboard on the other side of the kitchen.
  8. Climb up onto the counter in order to reach contents in the cupboard.
  9. Chose a coffee mug (he chose his Frosty mug).
  10. Move his step stool BACK to the coffee maker. 
  11. Insert Frosty the Snowman mug under the coffee spigot
  12. Press the right button to brew the right amount of coffee.
  13. Move his step stool to the fridge.
  14. Get the cream out of the top shelf of the fridge, not spilling it.
  15. Move his step stool to back to the coffee maker.
  16. Add the cream, the RIGHT amount of cream.
  17. Use one of the espresso spoons to stir the coffee.
  18. Take a dish towel and wrap it around the mug so as not to burn his little fingers as he used two hands to carry the coffee.
  19. Carefully get the coffee off the counter top while climbing down the step stool.
  20. Walk, very very slowly and purposefully to the bedroom with my coffee.
  21. Set my coffee down on my bedside table with a smile.
  22. Good Morning Mommy! Here's your coffee!

I simply could not believe my eyes. I had just said a prayer. One more time, “God, provide me with proof YOU are HERE!” I pleaded. I opened my eyes in time to watch my son, for the first time ever, turn the corner in the hall and carry a hot cup of perfectly brewed and creamed coffee to his mommy.

I have the best life. I rest my case.


  1. That boy of yours is a gift greater than anything else. He is just so cute and awesome.
    Enjoy your weekend!



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